Apple to deliver OS X 10.8.5 with Mail, screen saver fixes as soon as today



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    Does anyone k ow whether it fixes the notorious WOL issue? The one that makes you actually have to manually wake your machine when previously it worked flawlessly though ATV/woll etc. before it was unusable for long time in ML. Personally the most disturbing bug. :/

    Edit: yes, Wake on Wan. Sorry.

    Edit 2: this annoys me really. How can bugs be reintroduced? Or how can adding something brake something previously existing? I would expect the bugged code to be red flagged or blocked for use. And I would assume that code is today basically based on objects, classes and their interfaces / methods. Last time I coded was quite a while ago. But a professional company, many years later...? Ibdont get it.

    Edit e: "I have to make a mental note to stop taking mental notes." DAdams
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    Originally Posted by TeaEarleGreyHot View Post

    So... does anyone care about OSX 10.8.5, and it's improved features?



    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post

    Not as much with Mavericks ~2 months away.


    be on the watch for a new Safari, faster and encorporating some Mavericks style stuff in Mountain Lion.   Developers got a Beta last week for testing against extensions

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    Originally Posted by Maltz View Post


    I have to concede, there's probably a grain of truth in that.  lol

    :) I should revise that to, anyone who uses the word "pedantic" has a sense of humor! :)



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    eluardeluard Posts: 319member

    Mail badly needs fixing and a lot of it. I am now getting the bug where Mail freezes and does not show typing. Then it unlocks and the text spills out in a rush. I had this two updates ago, and then it was fixed. Now it is not fixed.


    Maybe instead of concentrating on Mavericks they could put more effort into making the version they've released work. As they once did.

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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post


    So why is it that when you go to an authorized reseller after the launch of a new point update they're still running several point updates behind? I'm sure THAT isn't part of their agreement, but it's the case every time.


    It is part of their agreement unfortunately. Apple gives the resellers special builds to run on the demo machines. They contain various demo software from third parties (most of it customized in one way or another for demo purposes) along with video demos that run as screensavers. The resellers aren't allowed to modify these installs in any way (i.e. can't put any of their own software on them, logos, update them, etc.). Apple gets cranky if you haven't placed the Macs on the display stand in the right order so lord knows what they'd do if you modified their demo software! These builds are only replaced by Apple when there is a new hardware release or major OS release. They have similar builds for the demo iPads as well.


    As for the point releases, Apple supplies the factory builds to the resellers but only if they are also a Authorized service center or member of the Apple Consultants Network. These are typically used for restoring the factory OS onto repaired hardware. Unfortunately these are sometimes a point release or two behind.

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    I'm new to the group and am not complaining, but is there a 'snag' in the update from Apple? Just curious...thanks!
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    eluardeluard Posts: 319member

    Apple is just taking it's time releasing it. They are pretty cautious these days.

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    So where is it?  Is Apple waiting until Sept. 10th now to release it?

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