German court officially stays Google injunction of iCloud push email



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    Motorola Mobility is a fully owned subsidiary of Google. ...


    Google owns Motorola Mobility vs Motorola Mobility is a fully own subsidiary of Google


    Yeah, basically the same thing.  There is a legal separation but if I own a company and have that business purchase another company but keep them legally separated, if 2nd company goes under for whatever reason, I loose money.



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    ...Google clearly directs MM's actions, but that doesn't make them legally liable.


    Liable as used in my comments were not intended to mean they would be held accountable, just that their subsidiary would be held liable and as owners, it would hit their bottom line, just not the Google checkbook.

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    @gatorguy Google's do no evil is a BS mantra. Basically what it means is we will do everything thats evil but you dont do the same. Google is doing the dirty work via Moto. First of all they didnt sue anyone because they pretty well know Android is nothing but a cluster f***k of other OS.
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    They could do so if they wish, but not against Google. They were never involved in the lawsuit. It would be against Motorola Mobility if anything, and no idea if they'd have grounds to do so anyway.

    By the way, Google has never leveled any legal complaints against Apple (or MS) counter to AI's claim, no more than Apple has filed any legal cases against Google. I know it sounds nice and plays well to the audience to say Google did such and such, but mixing and matching names attached to court cases does tend to confuse readers, just as it has you.

    Yes, and the U.S. and the Soviets never fought an actual war, either.
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