Apple could use 'a Siri-like moment' at next week's iPhone event, Barclays says



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    Originally Posted by benji888 View Post

    My question is why? The others don't have to do it. Why do we have to be wowed?


    Samsung had lots of wow moments at their most recent launch event...


    Wow that is ugly...

    Wow that was such a lame joke...

    Wow that is the dumbest made-up reason to use a pen I've ever seen...

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    Investors will always want more and they're under the false impression that if Apple continuously changes the playing-field, through innovation, its stock will always rise.

    They do not take into account that the market cannot handle a continuously changing playing-field, innovation needs to mature before accepting the "next big thing". Apple was never known to continually change the market, they're known to bring innovative products once every 7 years or so:
    - Apple II (1977)
    - Apple Macintosh (1984), 7years
    - Apple Newton (1993), 9 years
    - Apple iPod (2001), 8 years
    - Apple iPhone (2007), 6 years
    - Apple iPad (2010), 3 years. IPad and iPhone were from the same product concept.

    I would expect a new "earth shattering" product from Apple in no less that 4 years. Consumers and software developers are just beginning to get used to multi-touch tablets and phones, any new product launch that challenges this evolving field will be deemed as "premature" or "ahead of its time" and may face limited adoption.

    Very well put.
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    Probably comes as a surprise to Reitzes, butA Apple's purpose as a business is to sell products to consumers and businesses. Apple does not exist to increase shareholder value.

    Not true.

    Apple exists SPECIFICALLY to increase shareholder value. Selling products is the means to accomplish that end - not the end itself.
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    The iOS 7 redesign and new features are more than Siri by themselves. I don't understand why this doesn't count because it was announced in advance. iOS 7 will become public at the same time as the new iPhones.

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    Originally Posted by TNSF View Post

    Barclay's could use "a Siri-like moment" to differentiate its analyst dribble from the competition.


    +1000 ( I use Barclays, you wouldnt believe how much of an international bank they purport to be, but really are not so good at the user level

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    I hope it bores the hell out of investors, the stock tanks, and Apple buys it all back at a cheap price. Then they can ignore all the myopic stupid "recommendations" from investors.
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    Like "Barclays" the " Bank Robbers" Should have a say in anything or even an opinion on anything they should all be locked up

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    Samsung has been having lots of "Siri like moments" with gesture recognition and the like.  And it has not been working.


    People don't want a "Siri moment."  The are not looking for a particular "killer feature"


    Apple's new phones will be really slick and beautiful physically and they'll have a really slick and beautiful new operating system.  


    Form, beauty and function will be integrated.


    Plus, big plusses of: shorter upgrade cycles, bigger screens coming made possible by new iOS, etc.


    That will sell: beautiful phone, beautiful useful OS, beautiful package.


    It's the combination package not the gimmick that will make Apple rise even more.

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    I never have any reason to doubt any financial institution and believe they have our best interests at heart.

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    How many products are sold because a ZR or GT badge are added to the device, a lot in the months after launch and then they are forgotten.  The Apple Pedigree is adding worthwhile things to their products which are still around and add to the pedigree years later.


    I love to bump my Galaxy with another person with a Galaxy (if i can find one that is) zzzzzzzz


    I use Siri every day and more and more over time.


    People get wound up over "features" and let down by a poor product.  Apple does not do nor does it need to do this.


    it just works

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    auxioauxio Posts: 2,565member

    If the valuation of financial institutions and investment houses was based on how much they innovate, they'd all have gone bankrupt ages ago.

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    Originally Posted by darkdefender View Post

    They should introduce new ways that the iPhone can control devices in homes. I know the market of connected devices is getting bigger every year, maybe introduce new ideas with it. More coverage on things that do things with Wifi would be good.

    First device is TV.


    Apple has to focus on 'mobility' and 'content'   The latter being the TV/HomeTheater/Cable/DVR/DVD morass.    The former being cars, transit, moving, interacting with things as you pass by ("You're approaching Starbucks... you haven't had your coffee today...")


    Given the international  breadth of the market, most devices don't have a large enough footprint to warrant an apple specific solution... However, like cars 'iOS for your house' may be in the future... licencing to the big home and appliance automation players in Europe and US (and well, China).   Build us an API, set a spec for communication, and let's run with it.


    I for one am looking for a iOS/Mac notification aware home automation solution.  Running stuff through a PC or a Mac Mini so it can generate Growl/Prowl alerts is clumsy.  Like a Nest, I'd like to plop something into my home network, have it talk to all the stuff I put in there, and have it alert me on my phone via multiple modalities (Notifications, iMessage, email, SMS, phone call) if something is amiss.


    I'm seeing some stuff... but it would be great if Apple could put together a framework where best of breed can interconnect at my phone - try linking together Home Automation (make things happen automagically), with Video Surveillance(watch stuff), with Security(fire/water/smoke/CO/Intruder/Visitor) systems without a EE degree or a couple thousand dollars and see what happens. 


    But I'm a special case... most people (99% of the population) are happy with a clock timer on the coffee pot, a key lock,  and fire alarm that is heard if someone is in the house.   that's why I see Apple doing any sort of Home Interaction as being a long way off (as in, at least a year after they buy NEST;-)

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    Originally Posted by mudman2 View Post


    I use Siri every day and more and more over time.


    People get wound up over "features" and let down by a poor product.  Apple does not do nor does it need to do this.


    it just works

    The best features of the iPhone are the ones that change your life so much that you a) don't know what you did without the, and b) are so natural that you don't even think of them as special.


    - working without a stylus

    - Siri

    - gyro controlled orientation

    - wifi crowdsourcing (so devices don't have to wait for GPS to tell you where you are).

    - iMessage (the subtlety of the 'delivered'/'read' for me, a non BBM user, is amazing).

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    tethernaut wrote: »
    This article is stupid, but Tim Cook does need to bring back Steve's "...oh, and one more thing" technique. That kind of showmanship and drama has been lacking for a while.

    That would be a new ATV.
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    pazuzupazuzu Posts: 1,728member
    The "Wow" will be the fingerprint recognition.
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    red oakred oak Posts: 1,003member
    What a dumb f***.   All of this happens in the next 6 weeks.  These analysts are clueless.  They all think Apple has to have 50% unit share to succeed 


    - iPhone 5C.  iPhone 5 at reduced price.  iPhone 5S 

    - New iPad and iPad mini

    - New fingerprint technology 

    - iOS7 launch 

    - iTunes Radio launch 

    - New Mac Pro 

    - Mac refreshes - MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini 

    - OSX Mavericks launch 

    - China Mobile announcement 

    - DoCoMo announcement 
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    Replacing passcode lock and iTunes password authentication with Fingerprint sensor in the home button is more than enough Wow for me. I think its huge.

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    Please, this analyst is high or something. You can't have annual "wow" factors in an existing market/product. It just doesn't occur. Apple need to do what Apple does best: refine and improve with each iteration.
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    "if the company wants to really differentiate its smartphones from the competition and reignite investor interest"


    The day Apple makes either of those things a priority is the day to sell AAPL.

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    Originally Posted by SpamSandwich View Post

    When it's September 10 during the Apple event in California, it'll be September 11 in China, folks. There is no "China specific event". It's the same product introductions in Chinese.


    And mirrored as well in two other cities from what I've read.

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