Apple found to be using advanced Multipath TCP networking in iOS 7



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    Couldn't agree more about the keyboard.,, surely Apple must change it or give us the option to have bold black font on the keys as in iOS 6....

    Whilst we cannot change that, do take a peak at the Accessibility options; you might like some. It is strange how the keyboard is black hen searching from the springboard, but it's white when posting on this site.
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    Originally Posted by radster360 View Post

    I am very surprised, why it took such idea took this long to get into any OS. Matter of fact, most of us have laptops with two IP interfaces (Wireless and Wired) and it should be awesome that they use similar approach to maximize the pipes!


    Maybe I am missing something, but the wireless connection you speak off really is the same pipe as the wired pipe. Specifically, the Internet connection comes through somebody's Cable or DSL connection and then depending on peoples' equipment is offered a wireless connection to their hardwired connection. There is not two different sources of possible data transfer. Here we are talking about utilizing two different sources of wireless data (wi-fi and cellular). 

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    Multipath TCP would be useful for iTunes Radio when you start listening while still connected to your home Wi-Fi as you start the car, but then you drive away and the Wi-Fi signal drops, it has to switch over to cellular data. If they designed it right, Multipath TCP should be able to handle it transparently and the music won't be disrupted, provided the switch happens quicker than the length of the buffer. Without Multipath TCP, the situation has to be handled at a higher level in the 7 layer cake OSI model, perhaps even at the highest level, which is going to be less elegant and more likely to disrupt the music.


    As for concern that a data-heavy app might use cellular without your knowledge, data-heavy apps should first ask permission to use cellular, and then in Settings --> Cellular you can turn on or off the permission for individual apps. The Music app and Facetime are among them.

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    Why is no one talking about the really important question here?


    Namely, what patent troll owns all the completely unrelated patents to multipath TCP and will be suing Apple in roughly a year? Because if there’s one thing we know, it’s that whenever Apple does anything involving networks they’re sued.

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    What would be great is to be able to set apps to use specific connections. My work blocks facebook, so when my phone auto connects to the network the app tanks. It would be much less hassle to be able to tell certain apps not to use certain networks.
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    Probably adds support for WiFi Direct streaming and AirDrop, without either end having to drop the existing WiFi network connection.
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    Multipath TCP Requires both the client and the server to work. That is why only a few Apple Services have this at the moment. I think Apple are testing their implementation quietly at scale.


    And please provide prove that Android has had this for years. Because even Mainline Linux hasn't had this landed. And it will still takes years of work, trial and error, testing before this can be massively deployed.

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    Finally comming to an os? The Linux kernel has already implemented support for the multpath TCP protocol, Actually android 4.3 is even running on a compatible kernel
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    Originally Posted by Randall Klein View Post
    Finally comming to an os? The Linux kernel has already implemented support for the multpath TCP protocol, Actually android 4.3 is even running on a compatible kernel


    Here’s the actual question, though: Does Android support it?


    Transitive property of equality doesn’t work here.

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