Microsoft outs new Surface 2, Surface Pro 2 in latest pitch to tablet generation



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    Oct 22.   Full month to build up the marketing team to recruit people to stand in line. But that gives Apple a Month (I hope, I hope, I hope) to announce a new iPad prior to the Xmas season.


    iPad 5 (with Haswell iMac and Mac Mini) on October 8, shipping 20th. <img class=" src="" /> 

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    I love it, the Surface 2 is available for pre-order tomorrow at 8am.  But the link that announces this goes nowhere.  You can't actually "get ready" like it promises.


    It's OK. No one will order anyway.

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    gwmacgwmac Posts: 1,796member

    Surface 2, Surface Pro, Windows 8 Mobile, Windows really doesn't matter. They are all DOA and niche products. Having said that they really aren't half bad but about 3 years too late to make a difference now and missed the target audience.Too small of an app ecosystem and also too expensive (at least for the Pro). They fail at tablets and also fail as laptops.  No one cares anymore and Android and iOS won. No room for a 3rd also ran. Microsoft should just start writing apps for iOS and Android and kill Windows Mobile before they throw more billions down the toilet. The Nokia buy was a really stupid move. 

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    And you know Apple doesn't have a Haswell rMBP refresh lined up for release later this year based on what information exactly?


    can't prove a negative... but the fact is there is no Haswell rMBP announced now.  But... you'd think they'd have higher priorities....


    In  5weeks (doubtful an announcement after Nov 1, never been done after the last week in October, till the first full week in January... but never say never) I would think they need to announce:

    1) a new AppleTV  ('ac' networking, and something worth bricking all current Apple TVs;-) )

    2) a new iPad Mini (retina, a6x, m7?)

    3) a new iPad (a7x, m7, TouchID)

    4) an iPod or 2 (or a watch;-) )

    5) preorders and the ship date of the Mac Pro (committed to ship before end of year)


    and then squeeze in a update of the Mac Pro Line.  That's a busy month.   But Tim did say at the last earnings release... "Our teams are hard at work at some amazing new hardware, software, and services that we can’t wait to introduce this fall and throughout 2014."


    So, maybe their *ss ain't done innovatin'.

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    jungmarkjungmark Posts: 6,684member
    malax wrote: »

    I love it, the Surface 2 is available for pre-order tomorrow at 8am.  But the link that announces this goes nowhere.  You can't actually "get ready" like it promises.

    They'll have 200 units available and WS and analysts will fawn over the sell outs!
    auxio wrote: »

    Microsoft did drop a deuce.
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    Originally Posted by maccherry View Post

    Here's what you need, as documented on MS website, to run Windows 7:

    1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor

    1 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)

    16 GB available hard disk space (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)

    DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver

    You ain't getting that in the chip inside the surface. The tablets in question aren't built with the robust architecture as a traditional fully featured pc/laptop.

    And Apple doesn't tout the iPad as being able to run like a macbook pro.

    So MS can release SURFER PRO OR IS YO MAMA A PRO all day and it won't mean a darn thing.


    Try taking even a cursory look at the Surface Pro hardware specs before you post such nonsense. The CPU, RAM, and SSD capacity in the 1st gen Surface Pro are the same as the 2012 MacBook Air 11 inch. It's safe to assume the Haswell i5 in the 2nd gen announced today will at least match if not surpass the i5 in the 2013 MacBook Air. It should run Windows software about as well as a MacBook Air can run OS X software, up until you have to set it down because it's too heavy and/or it's burning your hand. The excess in every important dimension of the form factor is the reason why Surface Pro fails as a tablet, not the performance. The performance is like an ultrabook, but it also fails as an ultrabook because a kickstand and detachable keyboard are far worse than a solid keyboard supporting a hinged screen that you can position at any angle. And it fails as a computer in general because it has Windows 8.

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    rogifan wrote: »
    Who wants to do real work on a 10" 16:9 tablet? And what are 16:9 tablets good for other than watching movies?

    But, but, but, that would make them a consumption device...! Tell me it ain't so, Joe..!
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    How to Surface Pro users deal with finger grease?


    This is a serious question.  In play mode on a tablet, when surfing the web and watching youtube, the dirty screen doesn't bother me.


    But if I am doing real work using real desktop applications, I then care if the screen is dirty and smudged up.  There is a work mindset and a play mindset.


    Do Surface Pro users simply ignore the fact that their screens are smudged when they are called upon to do work on their tablet/laptop devices?

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    The keyboard reminds me of the Atari 400 I had as a kid (dating myself)
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    Originally Posted by Hydrogen View Post


    "is responsible for developing both the tablet's software and hardware...."



    Who are they going to blame, in case of failure, then ?


    George Bush - everybody's doin' it! ;)

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    In all honesty, The Surface is not a terrible device. I purchased a used RT model around launch, but ultimately sold it not long after. I also have an iPad 2, so comparisons between the two were obviously innevitable.

    On one hand, the surface could be very useful. Having Office on the device was a nice bonus, as was the multitasking when compared with the Ipad 2. However, I ultimately found myself using it like laptop with the type cover, and in that regard it really forced too many compromises on the user. The screen and text are too small to comfortably replace a laptop, but at the same time the 16:9 display is also not very good for a tablet either. The OS is also not very elegantly designed, and it feels more like a retrofit than an OS designed on the ground up for tablet use. The gestures, while useful, are in no way user discoverable, requiring the user to watch videos or read instructions to learn them. Even while using it as a laptop replacement, much of the functionality required you to use gestures (app switching, closing apps, enabling the side by side multitasking, to name a few) as pulling off the manuevers using the trackpad were very difficult. Then there is Microsoft's newfound penchant for horizontal scrolling. It feels unnatural and just looks very unappealing.

    Bumping the RAM and processor speed won't help the most glaring problems with surface or any other windows based tablet. It is the overall design of the OS that required a major overhaul, but MS is just too blind to see that.
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    Oops I did it again...?

    Adding a little more lipstick to the pig isn't going to change much of anything.

    The hardware isn't great to begin with. Win8 is even more of the problem than the clunky Surface itself.

    I have a question: in the article it says (using something akin to marketing speak), "Power Cover... packs in additional battery power, adding up to 30Wh to a Surface unit. That could boost battery life up to 50 percent, meaning the new Surface Pro could last up to two and a half times longer than its predecessor."

    Are you selling these or something? So, how much is "two and a half times longer than its predecessor" exactly?

    You said the Haswell addition could boost battery life 75% to maybe 8 hours. So does that mean the original Surface got roughly 5 hours? And with the addition of the new "battery pack" cover, it could get 12.5 hours?

    All these clever-sounding ways to describe the new battery life levels are not informative. PLEASE just declare the actual rough estimate of battery life, ok? So I don't have to try and do a bunch of silly math to get to the real numbers.

    Because, "2.5 times the battery life" would be impressive if we were starting at, say, 10 hours. But 2.5 times 3 hours is not so impressive by today's standards. If I have to carry a battery pack to get 10 hours out of my iPad, should I be impressed?

    Mainly, I'd like all these so-called battery life references to be consistent. Like this: The original got five hours. The new one, about 8, and with the battery pack, up to around 12... see how easy that was? :)

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    So when are they released? 

    Is… is this going to be another Osborne? Oh, PLEASE let it be another Osborne.

    “But you’d have to have people actually wanting the first model for that to be the case.”

    Not necessarily. How big was Osborne, anyway? :lol:

    Windows 8 doesn’t run well with 29 GB of RAM…
    I guess you would need 64 gb ram and 3 TB hard drive costing about $3000 getting the $50 experience (half it costs) for software

    That's interesting.

    Better yet... Who the hell would consider the new Surface instead of the current rMBP?

    Who here is willing to bet that Apple is waiting for something special? What do you want? The best intel graphics and 24 hours battery life, the best intel graphics 12h and thinner, New amd GPU and 12h battery life?

    I mean, Lenovo could get 17h battery life.
    i hope a IPad + (or large or what ever they call it comes), since we know a Mac tablet isn't coming any time soon, you know a 4 gb ram, 4 core proccesor(1.5-7 ghz)64-512 gb options, 12-13 inch retina, 20 hour battery, thin as current generation IPad, 1.5 megapixel FaceTime, and a graphics improvement of double the handle of current A6X with starting price between $700-1000 would make a good enough tablet, however requiring more from lighting than probably handle (hint thunderbolt 2 support) but who really knows what apple has planned?

    rogifan wrote: »
    Who wants to do real work on a 10" 16:9 tablet? And what are 16:9 tablets good for other than watching movies?
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    Behold! The New Old Tablet PC. Now, with more specs.

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    pmcdpmcd Posts: 394member
    davemcm76 wrote: »
    Somebody at Microsoft must really like those end of year inventory write offs if they are persisting with Windows RT...

    The Pro should run a lot faster and cooler with Haswell but it is still a huge compromise between being a thick heavy tablet and a poor keyboardless notebook and there is still _THAT_ UI to deal with.

    It seems to me that it is the Pro that should be axed, even though it is the one selling ok. Desktop apps simply don't work properly on a tablet. Microsoft should forget about backwards compatibility and go with a Windows RT strategy, but use a pen capable screen. In other words have one Surface, but with two sizes, running RT on a tablet which supports a stylus and is 16:10 instead of 16:9. 4:3 would be even better.

    Those demanding the ability to run their old sw collection are wrong. They, in fact, are the reason Surface is failing.

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