Fake iMessage app for Android spoofs Mac mini, routes chats through China [u]



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    blah64 wrote: »
    Are you joking?  IMESSAGE is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.  No one can sell a product in that space by that name.

    At least make an attempt before posting. Less than 5 seconds (1 easy search) found this, with a picture of the certificate and everything:

    He's saying Android is like the Wild West. Anything goes.
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    Originally Posted by Mac Voyer View Post

    On what basis?


    Guess you’d be okay making an incorporated computer company and calling it “Apple”, then. Have at it! Tell us what being homeless is like.

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    Originally Posted by jungmark View Post

    He's saying Android is like the Wild West. Anything goes.


    Ridiculous (if that's really what he thinks; you may be correct, but you're speculating).  The Android app market is indeed the wild west, which is why I would never consider using an Android device even if it was 100% free forever.  But Google is a U.S.-based company, and they do not get to skirt Trademark law.  I'm sure that's why it's been pulled from the store.

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    Does this seem of a sign of "hacker" and or "liar"
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    We need to be very much careful while installing any apps. In our phone we store so many information and always we have to be aware of data theft. Many famous Chat apps has be prone to data security by many editors of several mazanies and news papers.


    I am bit scared to use any new apps now a days. Before installing anything I check in and out then go for it.


    I request all to check the Apps through out before installing.

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