Apple tech lets fans collect digital autographs on ebooks, movies and music albums



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    larz2112 wrote: »
    I wonder if the Autography app people have any patents because it looks like Apple is copying and trying to patent the exact same technology/concept that Autography has already implemented. Based on their website and lack of company info, it seems like Autography is a small (maybe even 1-4 person) operation.  I wonder if this is a case where a largercompany with significant rescources scours the internet for cool ideas that are unprotected, then develops their own version and patents it.

    They are already suing the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. They don't seem to be shy. Other links mention patent pending technology.
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    I ran into a famous cartoonist in the late 90's and wanted to get his autograph. Unfortunately I didn't have any paper and a pen available at the moment.  All I had was my Palm Pilot, so I pulled up the drawing app and handed it and the stylus to him.  He signed it and drew a little cartoon as well without a second thought.


    Unfortunately there was no good way to get those images off the Palm Pilot so I don't have it any more.

    : (

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    Big deal. I'll take a [B]REAL[/B] autograph over a virtual one any day.
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    Back in the day when I carried my Newton MP 2000 around everywhere I got a number of autographs on it from authors and musicians.

    Some of the ones I got were from Bruce Sterling, Rudy Rucker, Larry Niven, Anne McCaffrey, and Adam Ant! :)
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    rot'napple wrote: »
    While a nice novelty, you will never see those signatures on 'Antiques Road Show' getting appraised for the big bucks!

    Yes, but who knows? Sometime in the future, you could have digital 'Antiques Road Show' and online auctions where people will be able to bid for digitally autographed books.

    50 years from now, someone would be bidding for a digitally autographed version of Chuck Palahniuk's Rant!
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