iPad 5 smart covers purportedly outed in video

in iPad edited January 2014
A new video released on Thursday by Unbox Therapy claims to show a number of Smart Covers designed for Apple's slimmer fifth-generation iPad. The magnetic covers fit perfectly on leaked components that also match the dimensions expected for the next iPad, though an unusual design choice casts doubt on the products' authenticity.

Rather than carrying the new, fabric-covered hinge design from the iPad mini, the covers shown in the video retain the "classic" hinge in use since the Smart Covers' debut with the iPad 2. The older hinge has been known to scratch the aluminum where it rests, an issue that would be unacceptable with the new anodizing process rumored to be used for the iPad 5.

The purported new Smart Covers are said to be in manufacturing right now. They are shown in color options of red, pink, light grey, orange, green, white, black, and blue.


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    The new case looks thinner and they removed 1.5 cm.  I think its going to be significantly lighter.

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    dunksdunks Posts: 1,217member
    Why would Apple go back to using grey microfibre on the inside?
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    After using a Surface with a touch keyboard cover (which works exceptionally well), I really would like something like it for the iPad. I wish Apple would implement something like that.

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    Sorry, I call fake on this.

    I think they will go for the mini's cover type of magnetic hinge. Remember, the exposed metal hinge was found to have caused damage to the side of some iPads in the past. The mini's covers magnetic hinge is covered with no bare metal, so why go back to the previous design?

    Like Dunks said, all using gray micro fibre & not colour matched? Also orange was an original colour that was discontinued, & is not a current colour for any Apple products, white, blue, green, yellow, & pink, but not orange.
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