Samsung to reportedly share production of Apple's 'A8' SoC with TSMC



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    Plus it allows apple to pit each supplier against one another.

    That isn't really good business practice in this case.


    Actually, it is the exact business practice one needs to employee against Samsung. They would never lower its prices on something if they think you can not go elsewhere with your business. The SoC is the highest cost driver in the phone, and in spite of what you might read on isupply and other similar websites they have no clue what Apple pays, they are guessing and for a custom part Samsung and pretty much charge what they want it not based on supply and demand and commodity pricing like isupply models after.


    If Apple really has two foundries making parts and they decided to keep either enemy close they can use this to their advantage, they can swing share back and forth if they can not get the pricing they want.

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    Apologies TS, my post was glib. I should appreciate the fact that at least you post with passion. Forums should thrive on that... Cheers, Tufts
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    Not really, and ill use the same history to back up my theory. Words are one thing, actions say otherwise.
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    Originally Posted by wizard69 View Post

    I'd like to see Apple build in the USA too, but not New York. NY is just an evil place to run a business, too much political corruption, excessively high taxes, poor maintenance of infra structure, political promises that are never keep, a significant number of stupid people even though we supposedly have good schools and a host of other ills.

    Believe me I've lived in NY all my life and it isn't getting any better. They (the political establishment) try to tell you it is getting better but taxes go up every year and they refuse to do the rational thing which is down size government and cut welfare support.


    Taxes are high for the people living in NY, and the mom and pop businesses, not the big corporations.  Apple/TSMC will likely pay little to no taxes and get a juicy energy subsidy as well.  I think the Fishkill plant got nearly $350,000,000 in state incentives to build there.  Those type of projects draw in a lot of workers who pay the taxes for the schools and infrastructure.  Its a pretty sweet deal if you can get it.

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    In the meantime, should we expect to see an A7X? (For that matter an M7X?)
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    It's almost unbelievable, how the whole west has given up to such a strategical value as silicon manufacturing is... 


    They haven't.  Intels foundries are the most advanced in the world, Micron is one of the worlds biggest memory suppliers and is in a joint venture with intel making memory under the name IM Flash.  IM Flash has a huge memory fab just 10 miles from my house its a 20nm process which is very advanced.  IBM builds some of the worlds most advanced Processors too with there Power architecture as well.  No one really hears about it because there chips are mostly used in supercomputers and servers.  IBM's Blue Gene /Q systems are some of the fastest supercomputers on the planet.  Variants of that system rate in the top 10 fastest computers on the planet.  So to say that the west has given up on silicon manufacturing is not completely correct.

    I would say manufacturing for mass production yes most is done in the east but intel and ibm make chips at foundries all over the world.

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    Cant wait until apple cuts all orders from samsung. Will be hilarious to see them file for bankrupcy


    I doubt that samsung would file for bankruptcy, but it would hurt.  At last count apple is an $8 billion a year customer to samsung and one of there largest customers, so yes it would hurt but samsungs IM division makes the least amount of money for them.  Most of there money is in there mobile division..  Having said that I dont think that samsung would  like loosing an $8 billion a year customer like apple.

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    Originally Posted by jobsonmyface View Post

    Cant wait until apple cuts all orders from samsung. Will be hilarious to see them file for bankrupcy


    That is next to impossible. Samsung ~= South Korea. ( Not exaggerating ) Unless North Korea somehow invades them and they lose, otherwise it is unlikely you will ever see Samsung file for Bankruptcy.



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    TSMC is leading in 28 nm. Why is Apple still stuck with samsung? Qualcomm, Nvidia all rely on TSMC.


    When Apple wanted to move to TSMC 2 years ago TSMC simply wasn't ready.  Even if the terms and pricing were right TSMC doesn't have those spare 28nm capacity for Apple.  That is of coz unless TSMC break contracts with Qualcomm and Nvidia.

    A Fab quantity as larger as Apple requires years ahead of planning . And i am sure some time this year you will start seeing small batch of Apple A5 or AppleTV SoC being manufactured by TSMC for testing.


    While I have always argued it is not feasible to have same design working with both Fabs. ( Especially when Samsung and TSMC are very different ). It could very much be Apple using two Fabs for two different things. One for iPad A X Series and One for iPhone A Series.

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    Latest indications from Samsung themselves is they'e going to be producing Apple's 14nm A9, along with 14nm chips for Qualcomm and AMD. Production is expected to begin around the end of this year.
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