Icahn reveals discussion with Apple CEO Tim Cook got 'a little testy'



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    This is what I want to know...

    Free dinner. :lol:
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    perhaps mr. Icahn should try to "fix" blackberry... but then that is a challenge... but instead of owning a measily half of a percent of apple, (1.5 BILLION) he could get 33% percent of blackberry!!... and since he is a genius he could generate unbelievable riches for himself... because blackberry was once at least 135 a share, but it is at 9 dollars now! and it can only go up!!!.... you know he could increase his value 15 times his investment... /sarcasm
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    Originally Posted by 9secondko View Post

    Wow. this guy is such a clown. What's best for the company IS best for the shareholders. It is a comfort that Apple has a large sum in savings. Wether it is used for the proverbial famine season or unforseeable acquisition needs, it is actually the best thing that Apple has such cash to back them up.


    Can't say I agree with you on this. From an efficient corporate finance perspective, there's not a whole lot of reasons for Apple to hold on to so much cash especially considering that Apple is able to issue bonds at very very low interest rates. For acquisitions, there's no real good reason to spend your own cash when you finance it with debt at low interest rates

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