Apple announces Oct. 22 iPad event: 'We still have a lot to cover'



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    I am thinking Apple will unveil a major push for iBeacons coverage in airports, train and bus stations, malls, hotels, grocery stores, sports arenas and more.
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    crowleycrowley Posts: 7,807member

    They've announced a satellite event in London, King's Place, which is just down the street from me.  Does anyone know what happens at the satellite events?  It is just a big screen with a feed from California, or something else?

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    conrailconrail Posts: 489member

    Originally Posted by Bluestone View Post


    AI - Just out of curiosity, wondering why you have that "Appleinsider" watermark laid over the Apple announcement?  Checking other sites, none of them seem to have done that.  I can't conceive of why you would do that, but then what do I know?

    Probably because of hotlinking.

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    Maybe I missed it somewhere, but do we know yet if it will be streamed?

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    Originally Posted by jakeu26 View Post


    Maybe I missed it somewhere, but do we know yet if it will be streamed?


    The revolution will not be televised, but it might be streamed.

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    shevshev Posts: 84member

    Possibly an iLife update shown alongside Mavericks?


    Macbook Pro Retina


    iPad mini





    Mac Pro in November sometime.

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    In November Apple is going to send out an invite that says: "but there's one more thing".

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    Originally Posted by racingbull View Post

    In November Apple is going to send out an invite that says: "but there's one more thing".


    Why would there be an event for the Mac Pro when it already had one?

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    It would be perfect for a new product announcement (at least in my small world, but then, what do I know?).

    Unexpected and imagine how the press and analysts would rave? :))
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    A lot to cover.....? hmm a TV screen would take a lot to cover.
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    Originally Posted by Frood View Post




    'a lot to cover'


    They wouldn't focus their title on just their new covers, but 'a lot' to cover?  A new bigger screen iPad?  or a big screen phone announcement?  That would be 'a lot'?

    Please be right!!!

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    Originally Posted by PeterAlt View Post

    iShoe - half price when purchased in pairs, Bluetooth enabled when paired, shape-shifting sound-activated programmable LED animated colored lights, synchronized vibration alerts, motorized remote controlled retractable rollerblades, motion activated electric power generation and battery, interior temperature controller with air conditioner and heater, electromagnetic breaking for traction on metallic surfaces, iToe input controller

    You missed the most important - iToe Cam!!!

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    Originally Posted by noivad View Post


    Doesn’t the author recognize the difference between a leaf and a stem? It is no big deal but, it is pretty obvious that those are not stems and a bit sloppy of them to not know it’s an apple tree leaf. But whatever, I guess next they’ll be saying Apple invented the GUI…

    Yeah thought the same... clearly a leaf

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    Originally Posted by NotScott View Post


    I just puked... on my puke.

    They certainly have the iOS 7 colour scheme nailed!!

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    Originally Posted by NotScott View Post


    Get that logo some toilet paper!


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    Originally Posted by alienzed View Post

    Thicker iPads, great...

    Thicker customers, for sure. Slimmer wallets, certainly.

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    Will Apple final make the iPad Mini Retina with this year's technology inside if Previous history is any indication - no!

    Apple is reportly do this to prevent the Mini from taking market share away from the iPad 5; so Apple's strategy is to cripple any Mini to make sure it does not compete well with the full size iPad. Sound like a disservice to the consumer. They could increase the price of the new iPad Mini Retina so each has the same profit margin. Let see if Apple is smart enough to find an opening like this and release a state of the art iPad Mini Retina in 2013!
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    philipmphilipm Posts: 240member

    I tried MS keyboard covers and they didn't impress me. For a start, they require the Surface to be put on a .. wait for it .. surface. So you get a laptop you can't use on your lap. Then, typing on them wasn't great, Finally, they detached too easily from the main unit, with an unreliable connection. These were heavily used demo units in a general consumer electronics store but not that long after launch, so I expected better.


    The invitation's use of the word "cover" obviously hints at something in this direction, but I would be surprised if exactly matches a failed MS offering would be the main announcement.

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