Tweet from T-Mobile CEO suggests carrier may soon start iPad sales

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T-Mobile chief executive John Legere on Wednesday tweeted that he was "excited" for Apple's upcoming Oct. 22 iPad event, suggesting the telecom may finally be granted access to the popular tablet.

What has two thumbs and is excited for October 22? #thisguy

-- John Legere (@JohnLegere)

In his tweet, seen above, Legere says he is excited for Oct. 22 and links to a USA Today article covering the special event invites Apple sent out to press outlets on Tuesday.

While circumstantial, the tweet is somewhat telling as Legere is known for being an outspoken character on social media forums, especially Twitter. He regularly holds impromptu conversations with followers and solicits constantly solicits discussions about new and upcoming devices.

Most recently, the chief executive last week hinted at a free global roaming plan that was announced later that day. The tweet is in keeping with Legere's timeline, which is filled with hints to forthcoming product or service debuts.

If T-Mobile does in fact start sales of the iPad, it will have access to Apple's full lineup of cellular-capable devices, bringing the fourth-largest U.S. carrier in line with the country's major operators AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.

T-Mobile finally became an Apple partner carrier in April when it started sales of the then-current iPhone 5. To set itself apart from those providers that had been selling the smartphone for years, T-Mobile introduced a unique installment payment plan that has been carried over to the latest iPhone 5s and 5c models.

It is impossible to forecast a T-Mobile iPad, though an extension to all major U.S. carriers is logical given the popularity of the tablet duo.

All will be revealed on Oct. 22, and AppleInsider will be on the scene reporting live.


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    dilliodillio Posts: 106member
    My account has not yet been removed and I was able to post this. So, what the heck can I post: I think T-Mobile will eventually find their niche, and profit from it, for people who will want to save money in the long run with their own phones bought outright, and cheaper monthly prices because of it. Phones like Nexus 5 will help, at around $350 (compare that to $650). Do you really think a smaller screen, a chamfered edge and plastic with cheese-grater holes is worth that much more. OK, just trying to get through to these AI folks to remove my account. What an idea, to let you sign up and then not allow you to remove your account. Blah, blah, blah!
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    22july201322july2013 Posts: 2,098member
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    r00fusr00fus Posts: 245member
    My only gripe with t-Mobile is that I can't add more devices with data plans (I'm limited to my 5 phones), though since they offer free tethering for all lines, I can get data on my iPad but often I don't like tethering because I don't want to burn battery on both devices.
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    poochpooch Posts: 768member
    he also tweeted "Congrats on your new adventure, @AngelaAhrendts! Hopefully our paths cross when you start this spring!"

    is appleinsider saying they're sleeping together? you know, circumstantially?
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    Awesome, an ipad mini with unlimited LTE and i can finally ditch my phone.
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