Apple reportedly taps Samsung for Retina iPad mini panels due to supply shortage



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    Originally Posted by Arlor View Post


    But...but...Samsung only builds cheap plastic crap?


    I kid.

    Samsung does make decent components, but I would only use them as a secondary supplier and always have others to mfg components. Unfortunately, the Apple designed processors/chips are being mfg by Samsung until they can get TSMC and possibly others to turn on their factories.  I think in a matter of two years or so, Apple may be almost 100% not reliant on Samsung.

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    Originally Posted by Flaneur View Post

    Another short circuit has hit your brain. You really should keep them to yourself, but that's not your job, is it.

    To your point, yes it's too bad that the U.S. didn't put massive effort into video display technology like the Japanese did 40 years ago. Too bad that Japan did not keep up with both Korea and Taiwan in the last couple of decades. Now Sony and Sharp can't keep up with LG and Samsung. The game is over, the Koreans sacrificed a lot to be winning now. See the New Yorker article a month or two ago, "The Fourth State of Matter"—If you can read.

    Companies, industries, whole nations' technical bases have to grow into these technologies with long experience, funded by government development. It can't just be acquired.


    Blah I forgot to mention this in my last post, but IPS was actually invented by Hitachi, so possibly in Japan. They made much better panels and coatings overall, even if that isn't the extent of the engineering needed to make a working display. If you're looking at display panels on their own, the problem was cost, not quality. Low costs won over higher quality. I don't have a study for you as I don't know that a formal study exists, but if you did a comparison of displays from the same generation, it was a pretty significant difference.

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    Apple just release the retina mini!

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