Mavericks uses ambient light sensor data to detect movement, delay sleep mode



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    Originally Posted by SpamSandwich View Post

    You should assume the NSA already has access to your mic and camera and can tap in without your knowledge. I keep mine covered at all times...and no, that is no longer considered 'paranoid behavior.' I invite anyone to review the many Snowden revelations and present an argument.

    Don't you think that hackers would've revealed that it's possible to activate the camera on a MacBook without turning on the green LED? Unless you believe in some sort of conspiration that would've "silenced" every hacker who discovered this security hole, which in my opinion would cross the "paranoid" line.


    We cannot know what happens to data we send over the internet or whether our phone calls are intercepted by some organisation. But on actual devices, it's possible to know when things like the mic or camera are used and observe the data which is sent outside, and you can bet that some "paranoid" hackers are looking for this kind of unauthorized data collection all the time.

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    This feature here seems to send signal future MacBook airs, and possibly other macs will have it. This ambient light thing seems like if it is low powered(I assume it is) uses even less battery to stop drainage. I wonder if they have any other thoughts about additions with the sensor.
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    Keep an eye on the use of the microphone if the NSA ever releases an app.


    Don't download ANY app released by the NSA.  But it wouldn't surprise if they can already activate your camera and mic.  I doubt turning off the little green light is beyond their capability. 

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