Virgin Media finally granted access to iPhone, will start 5s and 5c sales on Nov. 22

in iPhone edited January 2014
UK wireless carrier Virgin Media announced on Friday that it will start sales of Apple's latest iPhone 5s and 5c on Nov. 22, marking the first time that the popular handset will hit the telecom's network.

Virgin Media

After years of waiting, Virgin Media, or more specifically subsidiary Virgin Mobile UK, will finally carry Apple's iPhone on its MVNO network, the company announced on its website.

Details of the arrangement were not revealed in the terse announcement, though the handsets are expected to be offered with similar plans as other smartphones. The company runs a number of promotions for new customers, but it is unclear if those deals will be extended to the hot-selling iPhone.

Virgin Media is the result of multiple mergers with a number of telecoms, including the company's namesake Virgin Mobile UK. The company serves broadband internet, landline phone, television and mobile phone services within the UK.

Earlier this year, Virgin Media was bought out by U.S. cable magnate John Malone's Liberty for over $23 billion, and is one of the largest broadband providers in the UK. The company is currently growing its mobile phone coverage, which is operated by subsidiary Virgin Mobile's MVNO network, though subscriber numbers are substantially smaller than those held by dominant players Vodafone UK and O2.
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