Apple Store app now supports international Passbook gift cards after update

in iPhone edited January 2014
Apple on Wednesday issued an update to its Apple Store app, which along with the usual bug fixes and performance tweaks, brings support for digital gift cards that can be redeemed via the iOS Passbook app.

Apple Store

Apple first initiated Passbook-enabled gift cards in the U.S. last year, allowing users to purchase the digital coupons through the Apple Store app in denominations between $25 and $2000.

With Wednesday's update, a few more countries have the option available, including Australia, Canada, Italy and the UK. Other regions may become active soon, though at the time of this writing, only the iOS App Stores in those four countries are advertising the functionality.

In practice, the system works identically to the U.S. version, with users able to find the gift card selection list in the Apple Store app, enter in an amount and have the coupon sent via email. Once received, the gift card can be stored in Apple's Passbook app and redeemed at a brick-and-mortar Apple Store.

It is unknown if Apple plans to roll out the feature to more locales, but this is the service's first expansion since it debuted in the U.S. last year.

The Apple Store app is a free 6.7MB download from the App Store.


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    ...And so the expansions begin.
    More and more uses for PassBook and Touch ID no doubt enhances the experience.
    Looking forward to full blown electronic payments and gift cards from international 3rd parties including stores, banks, restaurants, Airlines, Taxi cabs, Buses, Trains etc...
    Although done quietly, this is huge folks and it is international.
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