RunKeeper adds support for background motion tracking via Apple's iPhone 5s M7 chip

in iPhone edited January 2014
Popular iOS fitness tracking application RunKeeper was updated on Thursday with brand new features for Apple's recently released iPhone 5s, leveraging that device's dedicated M7 motion tracking chip.


The newly released RunKeeper version 4.1 now includes "Pocket Track," a feature that can detect walking activities in the background. With Pocket Track, users can receive credit for walking or running without needing to hit a "start" or "stop" button.

Also exclusive for the iPhone 5s is a new stride rate chart, which allows users to view how their stride rate changes while running or walking.

RunKeeper 4.1 also utilizes the M7 chip in the iPhone 5s to improve auto-pause for running and walking activities. This way users' run times aren't adversely affected by waiting for obstacles such as traffic.

The latest update to RunKeeper doesn't limit its new features exclusively to the iPhone 5s, as iPhone 5c and iPhone 5 users also gain a pair of AirDrop-related functions. Specifically, users can now AirDrop a workout to share their results with friends nearby, or AirDrop a friend request to add nearby workout buddies to their RunKeeper friend list.

RunKeeper 4.1 is a 28.7-megabyte download available as a free download in the iOS App Store.


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    And so it begins....I think the M7chip is going to bring a flood new generation fitness Apps to the Apple lifestyle/ecosystem.
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    There are already quite a few apps taking advantage of the M7 chip, from simple pedometers to more advanced fitness apps. Search for "M7" in the app store. It is a no-brainer to take advantage of the M7 chip for any fitness and many GPS apps. 

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