Nineteen years ago today Apple began selling iPod



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    ireland wrote: »
    No, I meant you should used the 'the' before 'iPod'. Otherwise you end up sounding like a wannabe Steve and it's cringeworthy.

    I never noticed that before but you are right, Steve did just say iPod ... kind of like it was a person.
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    I-pod changed everything! Glad it has stuck around!

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    According to Apple's recent 10K filing here:

    iPhones now outsell iPods by almost 6:1, revenue is over 20:1. The iPod sales dropped 17% 2011-2012 and a further 25% 2012-2013. At a certain point, they'll start killing off various models. I'd guess the classic first but whichever sells in the lowest volume or makes the lowest profit. I've never been a fan of the Shuffle. It hits a lower entry point at $50 but no screen and just 2GB of storage. The next level up is a $150 16GB iPod Nano. I imagine there's a way they can downgrade the Nano to 4-8GB and get it somewhere below $100.
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    I remember getting the 30gb colour photo model when i needed more storage bought a 160gb classic i use it daily in the car 5 years on still going strong.

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    Only if the OP wanted a specific iPad, as opposed to any one of the new ones. Using "the" indicates you have a specific item in mind, as in "I would like the new iPad I see on the counter".

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