Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch sells 800,000 units in 2 months [u]



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    Really surprised here that no one mentioned the Pebble that works with both Android & iOS devices, costs half as much, has great battery life, and has awesome third party support.

    No shit the Galaxy Gear isn't going to sell well when it's $50 shy of a brand new Nexus 5. I own a Note II & wouldn't give this thing the time of day (ha! Get it?)
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    Probably 30,000 units bought from Samsung employees and their relatives!

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    Agreed, I love my Pebble, like getting a little vibrate on the wrist, take a peek at new notifications, emails, text, very handy.  If I walk out of range of the phone, it vibrates to tell me.  With the app support it does stocks, weather, and even GPS maps.  It runs long, is very visible outside with eInk screen.  This shows me that these can be really useful, and I can't wait to see what apple could do with the concept.  I would love to see color and touch incorporated, that would be cake.

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    Samsung innovation, jurors take Note (tm) 3
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    hentaiboy wrote: »
    Wahhh.. Whahhh...

    Only in your dreams you hope Apple makes such a piece of junk.
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    Remember, Samsung made failing smartphones before the iPhone came out.


    They should have waited until Apple came out with their watch first, so they can copy them.

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    Originally Posted by Johnny Mozzarella View Post


    I know someone who got this.

    It was comical watching him fumbling around trying to do simple things.


    I still believe Apple will do it right and make it intuitive.


    Yes, if Apple do actually produce a Watch and bet your bottom-dollar, Samsung will come up with an amazing copy.

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    As an Android user, I find it stupid how the Galaxy Gear is only for Samsung 2013-12 devices. (I use an HTC One, before a 4s). Their exclusivity is killing sales and the price of $300 without basic watch features such as waterproofing (Sony Smartwatch 2 has basic protection; the Gear has virtually none) and the gimmicks are terrible. Hopefully Apple/Google/someone other than Samsung will come up with a better one
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    I don't see any substantial market for watches that have a battery time of one day or even in the case of the rumored Apple watch, 5 days. It's a joke that you have to charge your watch everyday or even every weekend.

    However, I see a good point in these watches: offering you nice time readings. The market of digital watches has been reduced a lot, and it's really hard to find a cool digital watch nowadays. With these smart watches you could configure a nice looking time display. But that doesn't justify charging the battery every night or every weekend. They can do such nice configurable time display with batteries lasting one year or more.
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    Originally Posted by TeaEarleGreyHot View Post


    Good point, jungmark. And just wait until the various analysts start counting in the "white box" segment of the watch market (you know, timex and seiko and street-corner knock-offs) and we'll see Sammy's share drop to under 0.01%.  But of course, the same analysts will slant the story to point out that it's an infinitely greater part of market share than the zero share carried by Apple.  I wonder what part of the watch market can be claimed by Rolex?  I'm fairly certain they don't feel threatened, even if they only sell 50,000 watches per year.


    according to Forbes :


    To some extent both the haters and fans are moved by the same lever: the sheer success of Rolex as a watch brand (the single largest luxury watch brand in the world, with an annual production approaching one million watches a year) as well as its habitual secretiveness (Rolex is privately held and notoriously reticent; one sometimes feels its entire global PR department consists of a solitary bored functionary in a small room with a well-worn rubber stamp that says “No Comment”) make it a lightning rod for comments fiercely pro and devastatingly con, and the incredible boom in the last few years in prices paid for vintage Rolexes has only made the arguments more heated.  (In 2010, a Rolex model 5510 Submariner –a very early version of the company’s most bluntly utilitarian diver’s watch –sold at auction at Christie’s for $98,500, and prices have only gone up since then.)


    Quite a bit more, you wouldn't say ?


    In fact they remind me a lot of Apple, especially in the PR departement.

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    Samscrap is in panic: now they are copying even from rumored Apple products! :D

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    Wait for it...


    Wait for it...


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    Originally Posted by wizard69 View Post

    I see a lot of blaming Samsung here, but really watches are a joke. In general if you see a watch on somebodies wrist you have a flag that says avoid me because I'm an asshole.


    That's very harsh on watch wearers!! Or are you referring specifically to 'smartwatch' wearers?

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    Originally Posted by wizard69 View Post

    I see a lot of blaming Samsung here, but really watches are a joke. In general if you see a watch on somebodies wrist you have a flag that says avoid me because I'm an asshole.


    When you see a watch on someone you hold up a flag saying that you're an ass?  Makes sense to me.

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    You can't really blame them. They had nothing to copy.
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    The verge is reporting 800,000. I'm confused
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    How do you tell time without a watch? With your cell phone I would presume.

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    Originally Posted by RogueDogRandy View Post


    I aaas thinking that if Apple began selling a smart watch tomorrow, they would outsell scamscum in the first hour.    seriously - they would

    Sorry, I have to update my math. If indeed 800000 sold - then Apple (with an iWatch) would outsell scums in the first 2 hours. Sorry for the mistake...

    bTW, there can't be 800000 droid dorks that are THAT stupid.

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    Ok so how many of you actually used the gear for any amount of time. I got one three days ago and love it, the battery last from 6.30am and still had 58% charge by 11pm, put on charge while I had a shower and check within half an hour and it was fully charged again. I used it for phone calls all day texting and playing with it. Its one thing to say apples version will be better but what are you basing that on. Where is it ? What does it look like?, and what can it do?, no one knows so how can you say it will be better.
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    It's a better strategy for Samsung to wait for someone like Apple to develop the watch, clone it, and then spend a tiny portion of their profits and savings from R&D on court cases and hiring bloggers and journalists to lampoon Apple for pretending to invent a grid, or a watch, or whatever will redirect public sentiment away from the idea that you just copied.


    They made about $17 billion cloning the iPhone and they are now debating $350 million versus around $35 million in penalties. The lesson learned; steal everything and whine about the litigious nature of Apple later.

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