Retina iPad mini rollout expands with walk-in sales at some Apple Stores, regional carrier availabil



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    Paradoxically, as the word spreads of available walk-in purchase, it will become increasingly difficult to do.

    But the foot traffic increases....   You can't sell something in the store if someone doesn't walk in the store.


    That's the game plan folks.   Someone buys a MiniRD and tells 2 friends who tell 2 more friends... pretty soon, a whole bunch of iPad Airs and MacBook Airs are being bought on impulse at the retail store, along with a $50 iTunes Gift Card, and oh... lemmee look at that gold phone....


    I'm sure the intent is that Apple's Retail Mavens want to make sure that people DON'T WALK PAST THE APPLE STORE the next 5 weeks just because the only thing on their mind is an Mini/RD.

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    Good luck getting one of those to fit in a stocking.


    No problem here...


    My Mom knitted a set of very stretchy socks for all her kids, and her grandkids.   It would fit... box and all.


    That, plus me being the oldest in the family I got the biggest sock... it just looked good on the cardboard Xmax mantle going from oldest to youngest;-))

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    This kind of nonsense "news" makes me wonder: is coming from writer or straight from PR department at Apple Inc.? Two days after "sudden" iPad mini release, i went to local San Diego Best Buy and was surprised by available for purchase iPad minis with Retina display  and the absence of hungry buyers. Am i living on different planet? 

    Your personal confirmation bias is so interesting. Please tell us more. /s
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    I received my iPad Mini Retina, 128G, AT&T Cellular, Slate Gray on Nov. 20. Received 5 days early.
    Ordered on Nov. 12.

    It is everything the reviews say and more!

    Thank You Apple!

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