Rumor: Retina iPad mini bottlenecks ease quickly, production already exceeding first-gen model

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Apple is said to have built 4 million second-generation iPad mini with Retina display units in the month of November, already surpassing production levels of the first-generation model, according to a new rumor.

Retina iPad mini review

The latest supply chain rumors published on Wednesday by DigiTimes claim that Apple has been able to quickly address component issues for its diminutive touchscreen tablet. As usual, such claims were attributed to unnamed sources in Apple's supply chain in Taiwan.

The report claims that a shortage of 7.9-inch Retina displays was the main issue holding back production of the new iPad mini. Manufacturers are said to have had difficulty packing the same number of pixels into the tiny screen as are already found on the 9.7-inch Retina display in the iPad Air.

Such production issues led Apple to launch the Retina iPad mini in mid-November, with availability occurring on Tuesday, Nov. 12 with no prior indication that the device would become available that day. Initially, Apple required customers to use its "Personal Pickup" feature and did not allow walk-in purchases.

But Apple began accepting walk-in purchases late last week, which was seen as a sign that availability of the new iPad mini is improving. Apple has also begun to launch the device at regional carriers in America such as U.S. Cellular, Bluegrass Cellular and C-Spire Wireless, joining the "big four" providers of AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile.

Apple CEO Tim Cook had previously said it was "unclear" whether the company would have enough stock for the holiday season. Many Apple observers have credited the supply pinch to low yield rates for the iPad mini's Retina display from partners Sharp and LG.


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    lkrupplkrupp Posts: 7,060member
    So once again the rumor mill was wrong.
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    sigh! There is no demand. Apple is doomed.:-). By the way, wondering if Target would have enough in stock.
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    512ke512ke Posts: 782member
    Okay. So. An unsubstantiated claim that Apple is producing many minis has trounced a baseless rumor that Apple could not produce many minis.

    So how many minis? Menos minis or mas minis?

    Answer: mega mucho mas minis! Tim's team rocks the supply chain.

    Next unfounded accusation to get shot down? Android has 80% of tablet market share. Not true.

    Muchos minis significa menos Android, muchacho.
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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 20,583member
    lkrupp wrote: »
    So once again the rumor mill was wrong.

    Which one? The old Digitimes rumor that there were bottlenecks or the new Digitimes rumor that there aren't? ;)
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    Sounds great...but...
    Every country I checked (Germany, China, UK, US, Belgium, Japan) still has a 5-10 day wait. Is Apple hoarding stock for Friday?

    Still haven't seen one on display here in provincial Ireland! :\
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    nhtnht Posts: 4,437member

    I was able to walk in and get a 16GB Verizon Space Gray and they gave me a T-Mobile sim as well a couple days ago.  It was the last 16GB + 4G model in the store but I was there to get my wife a 5S which was also in stock.

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    Originally Posted by lkrupp View Post

    So once again the rumor mill was wrong.

    Or the data was right for a brief moment in time.... it's the hyperbole that everyone else puts around it.  A supply chain bottleneck could be on a customs hold on a part, or container ship being routed 4 days out of harms way prior to a cyclone hitting the phillipines,  or a DHL truck got hijacked with 2 cajillion itty bitty diodes used in displays, or... maybe it was a yield issue due to bad batch/line, that got fixed ("Set the Dial to 10lbs/in^2, NOT 10KG/m^2!  This isn't NASA!")


    Until some 'a high unnamed official for a display manufacturing company says one thing or the other, I doubt it all reasons... and just chalk it up to Apple pushing it's suppliers to the hilt


    And to me... it's all part of the plan.   Pumping the US market for the the hugest sales week in November, then pivot and extend to hit Europe by Boxing Day, and again to Asia by the Chinese New Year.   It's a non-phased, phased release.

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    Originally Posted by TheOtherGeoff View Post


    ...And to me... it's all part of the plan.   Pumping the US market for the the hugest sales week in November, then pivot and extend to hit Europe by Boxing Day, and again to Asia by the Chinese New Year.   It's a non-phased, phased release.


    I'm tellin' ya... This holiday season is going to be massive for Apple.

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    My, my, my, the marginal mini manufacturing mystery is a now a mash-up of mis-matched memos of mini manufacturing being materially maximized for xmas, mollifying many marketing mavens... maybe.

    I imagine a miffed Microsoft management moiling over the missed marketing margins a mini amassment might mean...
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    Anal-yst, Wall Street, Blogosphere, and all those doubters have continuously questioned Apple and have put the company through so many scrutinies and they have continuously proved all of them wrong again and again! Apple will prevail! Just watch!
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    Prior to the release, all the media is saying that production will be very tight and likely demand will outstrip supply.  All false as usual. 


    After the 2nd week the Mini was out, I already started seeing deals for the Air and now the Mini.  The earliest discounts ever for new model iPads.  

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