Google's plan for floating retail stores runs into legal quandary



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    I'm surprised eBay hadn't thought of it first.


    Maybe they did and realized how stupid it was.

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    Makes me wonder how the Chromebook Pixel is working out for them. Google doesn't quite realize that there's a difference between being out-of-reach and harboring elitist aspirations vs. Apple's strategy of affordable luxury. Glass is out-of-reach enough. Did they have to make seeing/using this product truly only available to Glassholes? Their marketing is just, just horrible.

    It seems that they made the Chromebook pixel primarily so that they would have a nice looking machine other than the macbook pro for showcasing their products. See this ( for example. Before the Pixel the laptop in the picture would probably have been a macbook pro. Many of the presenters at this year's Google I/O were using Pixels on stage whereas in previous years they probably would have used macs.

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    relicrelic Posts: 4,735member
    Actually, Google is an all Mac shop. They give away Chromebooks to their employees and what they call friends of the family, basically anybody who visits their campus. I have a very close friend who works for Google, I get invited to a lot of functions. The swag I have collected from Google over the years would probably fill a large room. The Pixel was originally made solely for internal use then extended to developers, then the media, lastly to the end user but according to my friend less then 1000 or so were ever produced and about 300 sold to end users. I still have mine in it's box, it is probably the nicest looking laptop that I have ever owned, much nicer then the Alu Macbook actually about on par with the Titanium less the paint so you can't scratch it. It's actually a really neat laptop once you install Ubuntu alongside ChromeOS. Both systems use the same Kernel so you can be on Skype in Ubuntu and watching a movie in ChromeOS. So it's not as useless as people say it is, I run Office 2010 and Photoshop CS4 using Wine, works just fine.
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    After they're done with their promotion they can easily convert the GoogleBarge into a garbage scow.
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    relic wrote: »
    Actually, Google is an all Mac shop.

    Google has one of the largest "all-Mac" enterprises in the world as a matter of fact with around 43,000 in use.

    And for the most part they manage them without any enterprise tool support from Apple, who according to Google haven't made major improvements to those tools since 2006. Maybe the iPhone distracted Apple just a tad? So Google developed their own Mac enterprise support tools.

    Those IT guys here with 200+ Macs to support will probably find a recent Google presentation really interesting.
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