Samsung's #Galaxy11 viral ad fumbles when Franz Beckenbauer tweets from iPhone



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    jungmarkjungmark Posts: 6,715member
    un_plug wrote: »
    This is the umpteenth time I have heard a story about some celebrity endorsing the latest android from their iPhone. Heck Oprah pimped the Surface form her iPad.
    What you never hear is the other way around, because Apple doesn't succumb to such cheap marketing.

    Yup. Go to any "event" and you see celebs/regulars use iPhones to take pics and video. Apple doesn't need to pay anyone. And thank God Lebron "chose" Sammy. Can't stand him or Sammy. They are perfect together.
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    gatorguy wrote: »
    philboogie wrote: »
    For real? That is too funky! Gonna look for it now; these things have their way on 'increased views'.
    from YouTube. Guess it wasn't pulled after all:

    Thanks. Looks like we were already pipped by roccodelgreco. Still, funny this one!
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    clemynx wrote: »

    I didn't see AI report in this :


    Wow! I knew it was bad, but this takes the cake. Actually, they don't. Thanks for the link. Up to date as well.
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    dysamoriadysamoria Posts: 2,280member
    Samsung is all about unintentionally demonstrating how marketing is all about lying.

    Also, I found this to be an arrogant claim: "...universal love for football and GALAXY devices..." That's quite an assumption.
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    b9botb9bot Posts: 238member

    In par for all of Samsung's business. Lie, copy, cheat, steal are its way of doing business and has been proven over and over again publicly.

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    clemynxclemynx Posts: 1,510member
    Yes, it's pretty bad. Best support for Android was on the Galaxy Nexus...which is already confirmed NOT to receive the 4.4 update. Oh and galaxy s4 still hasn't it either lol.

    Posted yesterday, you're welcome.
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    clemynxclemynx Posts: 1,510member
    But Samsung shrugs and asks: "but what's the difference?"

    Yes, the whole concept of a good product seems to elude them.
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    When you have a hashtag; #WinnerTakesEarth


    The correct line to follow that is not "sent from my iPhone" it is of course "sent from my space ship."


    Along with fake alien invasion, sales numbers and benchmarks, in their spare time when not plotting to take over the world, Samsung likes to FAIL.

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    Originally Posted by b9bot View Post


    In par for all of Samsung's business. Lie, copy, cheat, steal are its way of doing business and has been proven over and over again publicly.


    In this light, it's entirely possible that this "sent from my iPhone" tweet was actually sent from a Samsung phone -- they just forgot the " -- but we aren't copying Apple at all!" disclaimer.


    They are just too good at simulating innovation for their own good.

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    dshandshan Posts: 53member
    Yeah, I wonder what those 12 people who got Xmas Surfaces from Oprah are feeling now, have they figured out what they did to offend her? Have they forgiven her?
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    maestro64 wrote: »
    Celeb endorsements are not new, this has been going on for a very long time. Companies pay these folks big money to use their product especially in public, and I am familiar with how it suppose to work. If a Celeb signs up to get payments to use and be seen with a companies products and do not show those products in the best light and if they especially are seen publicly with a competitors product the celeb would obviously lose the endorsement and they could also be required to pay penalties. 
    Either Samsung does not care or they do not have the power to enforce their Celebs to only use their products. However, I believe what we are seeing in these cases is the celeb is not the one making the comments its is one of their handlers who work for them and makes all the postings. Even if that is the case you would think Samsung would require who every is making the posting must make it from their products. But I go back to my original thought, Samsung has no power to enforce.


    You'd think after all the meetings with the celebrity client and their people, the contracts they signed, and money changing hands... that Samsung would focus on that final step of them actually USING their product.

    But after all that... the tweet still comes from an iPhone.

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    payecopayeco Posts: 333member

    Originally Posted by GTR View Post

    My friend, soccer and Aussie Rules Football are about as much the same thing as NFL and baseball are.


    Did you actually read my post? Because that is exactly what I said...

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    bighypebighype Posts: 148member
    Samsung is synonymous with garbage. Korean garbage at that.
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