Apple still dominates US smartphone market, Samsung inches up

in iPhone edited January 2014
In its monthly smartphone survey for the three months ending in October, comScore found Apple adding to its dominant U.S. smartphone market lead with over half of all subscribers, while Samsung surpassed the 25 percent mark.

Source: comScore

Market research firm comScore released the results of its MobiLens survey on Thursday, showing moderate gains for Apple in the U.S., with a 0.2 percent jump from July. At the end of October, 40.6 percent of the country's smartphone owners used an iPhone.

Samsung came in second with 25.4 percent of the market, a 1.3 percent boost from three months ago. Out of the top-five smartphone manufacturers, the Korean company showed the largest rise over the period.

Motorola jumped into the No. 3 seat as HTC and LG both posted losses of 1.3 percent and 0.2 percent, respectively. The Google subsidiary was up 0.1 percent to end October with a 7 percent share of the market.

Looking at smartphone platforms, the survey saw Android, iOS and Windows all gaining users over the three-month period, with Google's OS gaining 0.4 percent to account for 52.2 percent of all U.S. subscribers. Since Apple fields only iOS devices, the company came in with the same numbers posted above, while BlackBerry lost 0.7 percent as the flailing company continues to sink.


Microsoft's mobile Windows platform added 0.2 points to its 3 percent marketshare, good enough for fourth, while Symbian fell to a 0.2 percent share as it slowly bleeds out.

While the breakdown did not mention Apple's iPhone 5s and 5c launch in September, the mid-survey debut likely helped push the company's numbers. With supply for the top-end iPhone 5s just recently catching up with demand after initial constraints, Apple's marketshare may be primed to rise again, especially over the holiday shopping season.
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