Apple's iPod continues to lead an ever-shrinking market of portable media players



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    Next year I expect Apple to be making a "c" version of the ipod touch.  A low end level touch ipod with plastic instead of metal.


    You know, we forget about the iPod touch these days. This might just happen. And next year, 128GB chips will be cheap enough to kill the classic entirely.


    I worry about the wearable devices and how they will work.  Will it come with wireless headphones?  Because wired headphones connected to your wrist will be strange, and potentially oncomfortable.


    I have a square nano, but for this very reason I got a quality pair of headphones (that also do Bluetooth) to use with it, and while the Bluetooth quality is leagues worse than I thought it would be, the headphones themselves have great sound wired. Shame. Apple has a patent on an implementation of a wrap-around set of Bluetooth headphones where the battery is basically the entirety of the band that goes behind your head. I wouldn’t be surprised if they wanted to give up the wired world, but I’m not sure they can yet. Audio quality, for one, just isn’t there.


    I do think the markets are changing, but there will always be a market for small MP3 players for exercise.


    Definitely. Welcome, by the way.

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