Apple issues first OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 beta build to developers, activates FaceTime Audio [u]



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    Oh thank god you said that... I thought it was age making things go faster!
    I've kept up with each of them since and has a wild ride.

    The tool didn't work for 10.9.1 betas. Nothing ever showed up. I made a forum comment on and none of the work arounds worked. I have no idea why but I'm not the only one who had this issue. Oh well, all is good now.
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     I love FaceTime audio.  Really cool talking to someone on their iPad while they browse.  Sound quality was surreally good.


    Can't wait to try it out on my Mac.

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    Originally Posted by macxpress View Post



    I can 99.99% guarantee you that there will be more than 10.9.2. The dot dot updates are maintenance updates and why Apple would not go past 10.9.2 is just plain silly to think. 

    Yeah, historically Apple has had anywhere from about 4 to maybe 8 or so updates per major release.  I don't know why people think that they only need 1 update. That's just really silly.

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    Originally Posted by CanukStorm View Post


    Unless you have intimate knowledge of Apple's roadmap, you cannot guarantee anything (keyword being guarantee).  What Apple has historically done is not a guarantee of future actions.  Apple is known to change strategy / release schedules.

    Actually Apple has been on a yearly major OS release schedule and they've been keeping that for the last few years and I don't know if that's going to change.  In order to keep that schedule, they need to focus on what improvements/changes to meet that schedule as best as they can, but they have been consistent with a yearly schedule for several years and that's their current roadmap.  As far as updates, it ranges between 4 and 8 updates per major OS X release.  With Mavericks, it wouldn't surprise me if they had 4 updates, but they try to clean up the most critical things as quickly as possible.

    It's impossible for ANY OS developer to test every conceivable scenario since there are tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of apps,tons of third party hardware and endless combinations.  At least we don't have tons of driver problems like some of the other OS's have.

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    Face time audio - is it only me that thinks that sounds funny. Loss of face, just the audio.
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    In 10.9.1 still crashes if you do a copy/past on a draft-email. Did a report before 10.9.1, but the problem is still there. Anyone from Apple in here that can read ;) ??
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    My google accounts still do not sync properly. If I delete mail on one computer, it shows up again on another. Sometimes I cannot delete at all for a period of time, and sometimes no mail comes for several hours even though new messages are coming in all the time and showing up on the web mail....
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