Apple addresses iMovie crashing issue in latest update

in Mac Software edited January 2014
In yet another software update rolled out on Thursday, Apple fixed a number of problems seen in the iMovie consumer-level video editing app for Mac, including random crashes.


iMovie for Mac version 10.0.2 resolves a total of six issues, the most prominent of which being a bug that would cause the app to quit unexpectedly.

The point update also fixes a problem that could cause file sharing to fail and a corresponding issue where the Share button was left unresponsive. Smaller fixes include a situation where project thumbnails would appear blank and an issue that saw high resolution photos displayed with a green tinge.

Finally, along with general stability improvements, Apple resolved a bug that would make Crop, Ken Burns and Map features unavailable on computers using certain languages.

While not a huge feature update, Thursday's release is a welcome patch for those who have experienced app crashes since Apple pushed out the last 10.0.1 version in November. That release added support for machines with older video cards.

iMovie for Mac 10.0.2 is a 1.94GB download from the Mac App Store. Those who do not already have the software installed may purchase iMovie for $14.99.


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    Six Issue's down, about a Dozen or more, to go.

    .....Because there are A LOT of Issues (outright Bugs, Not feature loss)
    with the New iMovie 10
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    wizard69wizard69 Posts: 12,866member
    Just about a 2GB download! And people wonder why I see 256 GB as the minimal SSD size these days.
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    irelandireland Posts: 17,671member

    How about addressing the fact that iMovie is pice of crap and the fact that iMovie HD offered better functionality (and no longer works right in Mavericks). Give us a real timeline back!!


    I you too want a real timeline back help me motivate Apple to listen:


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    Just to join the throng of protestors at the lack of attention to EXISTING feature in iMovie when producing so called improvements. My issue? establishing the time duration of a number of clips IN MY MOVIE. Its OK with the input clips, they DO ADD UP, but not the edited track. In the old iMovie, the one I'm still forced to use, the overall movie time and any sub-selection of clips within that movie appeared above the timeline. Now only the overall time appears....but under info for a particular clip there is the individual duration, but the moment you add further clips to your selection you just get "-- of XX" even the "XX" fails to make any sense. It was reported ON THE DAY OF RELEASE case number 527983579 but now after TWO so called upgrades its still to be addressed..............

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