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Songs: 694

Memory Available: 1.8 GB

Average Song Size: 4.03 MB


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    Songs: 393

    Available: 47.4 MB

    average song length: LONG.
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    Songs: 801

    Space Left: 1.1 Gigs!!!!!
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    wow jon, what kinda music u putting on that thing?? must be trance tracks or somthin...

    i have a few tracks like that, and its limiting my file number too...

    Songs: 918

    avail mem: 52 MB

    avg length: about 7-8 minutes (havent checked size, but im guessing about 7 or 8 MB...)
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    you asked for it...

    Mindless & Broken (MJ Cole Mix)\t3rd Core\t6:03\t5.6 MB

    Since I Left You\tAvalanches\t4:18\t6 MB

    Stay Another Season\tAvalanches\t2:15\t2.6 MB

    Radio\tAvalanches\t4:52\t6.2 MB

    Two Hearts in 3-4 Time\tAvalanches\t3:22\t4.5 MB

    Avalanche Rock\tAvalanches\t0:23\t523 K

    Flight Tonight\tAvalanches\t3:52\t3.6 MB

    Close To You\tAvalanches\t3:56\t3.7 MB

    Diners Only\tAvalanches\t1:43\t2.4 MB

    A Different Feeling\tAvalanches\t4:22\t5.1 MB

    Electricity\tAvalanches\t3:46\t5.2 MB

    Pablo's Cruise\tAvalanches\t0:53\t837.1 K

    Frontier Psychiatrist\tAvalanches\t4:50\t4.5 MB

    ETOH\tAvalanches\t5:02\t4.7 MB

    Summer Crane\tAvalanches\t4:39\t6.8 MB

    Little Journey\tAvalanches\t1:53\t1.8 MB

    Live At Dominoes\tAvalanches\t5:38\t5.2 MB

    Extra Kings\tAvalanches\t3:46\t3.5 MB

    Music Takes You (BLIM Mix)\tBlame\t6:45\t9.3 MB

    Fibonacci Sequence\tBT\t7:32\t8.7 MB

    Firewater\tBT\t8:45\t8.1 MB

    Orbitus Teranium\tBT\t8:08\t7.5 MB

    Flaming June\tBT\t8:36\t7.9 MB

    Lullaby for Gaia\tBT\t5:21\t5 MB

    Memories in a Sea of Forgetfulness\tBT\t7:40\t7.1 MB

    Solar Plexus\tBT\t4:13\t3.9 MB

    Nectar\tBT\t5:55\t5.5 MB

    Remember\tBT\t8:00\t7.4 MB

    Love, Peace and Grease\tBT\t3:52\t3.6 MB

    Content\tBT\t11:01\t10.1 MB

    The Road To Lostwithiel\tBT\t8:35\t7.9 MB

    Believer\tBT\t5:11\t6 MB

    Nocturnal Transmissions\tBT\t8:37\t9.9 MB

    Quark\tBT\t6:28\t7.5 MB

    Tripping the Light Fantastic\tBT\t6:44\t7.8 MB

    Embracing The Future\tBT\t5:16\t6.1 MB

    Deeper Sunshine\tBT\t7:02\t8.1 MB

    Loving You More (Dub)\tBT\t9:30\t10.9 MB

    Loving You More\tBT\t3:29\t4 MB

    Poseidon\tBT\t8:58\t10.3 MB

    Embracing the Sunshine\tBT\t10:55\t12.6 MB

    Blue Skies (Feat.Tori Amos)\tBT\t5:04\t4.7 MB

    Blue Skies (Delphinium Days)\tBT\t12:52\t11.8 MB

    Sasha's Voyage of Ima\tBT\t42:44\t39.2 MB

    Divinity\tBT\t10:57\t10.1 MB

    The Hip Hop Phenomenon\tBT\t5:16\t7.3 MB

    Madskillz\tBT\t4:52\t4.5 MB

    Never Gonna Come Back Down\tBT\t5:47\t5.4 MB

    Dreaming\tBT\t5:19\t4.9 MB

    Shame\tBT\t3:21\t3.1 MB

    Movement in Still Life\tBT\t4:30\t4.2 MB

    Satellite\tBT\t5:11\t4.8 MB

    Godspeed\tBT\t5:10\t4.8 MB

    Running Down the Way Up\tBT\t5:51\t5.4 MB

    Mercury and Solace\tBT\t5:07\t4.7 MB

    Smartbomb\tBT\t5:10\t4.8 MB

    Love On Haight Street\tBT\t6:18\t5.8 MB

    The Revolution\tBT\t4:17\t5.9 MB

    Sunblind\tBT\t10:18\t9.5 MB

    Giving Up the Ghost\tBT\t6:42\t9.3 MB

    José Padilla - Agua\tCafé del Mar\t7:39\t10.6 MB

    William Orbit - The Story Of Light\tCafé del Mar\t6:17\t8.7 MB

    Sabres of Paradise - Smokebelch II (Beatless Mix)\tCafé del Mar\t4:17\t5.9 MB

    Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Music For A Found Harmonium\tCafé del Mar\t2:58\t4.1 MB

    Sun Electric - Sundance\tCafé del Mar\t4:28\t6.2 MB

    Leftfield - Fanfare Of Life\tCafé del Mar\t6:07\t8.5 MB

    Sisterlove - The Hypnotist\tCafé del Mar\t9:01\t12.4 MB

    Underworld - Second Hand\tCafé del Mar\t9:01\t12.4 MB

    Ver Vlads - Crazy Ivan\tCafé del Mar\t6:35\t9.1 MB

    A Man Called Adam - Estelle\tCafé del Mar\t6:48\t9.4 MB

    Obiman - On The Rocks\tCafé del Mar\t3:38\t5 MB

    Sunset at the Café del Mar\tCafé del Mar\t6:53\t9.5 MB

    Silent Poets - Moment Scale (Dubmaster X Remix)\tCafé del Mar\t6:08\t5.7 MB

    Psychedelic Research Lab - Tarenah (Chili Mix)\tCafé del Mar\t6:22\t5.9 MB

    D*Note - D*Votion\tCafé del Mar\t7:03\t6.5 MB

    A Man Called Adam - Easter Song\tCafé del Mar\t8:04\t7.4 MB

    Paco De Lucia - Entre Dos Aguas\tCafé del Mar\t6:01\t5.6 MB

    Marc Antoine - Unity\tCafé del Mar\t5:37\t5.2 MB

    José Padilla - Sabor De Verano (The Way Out West Mix)\tCafé del Mar\t6:29\t6 MB

    Salt Tank - Sargasso Sea\tCafé del Mar\t7:18\t6.7 MB

    Mark's & Henry's - (The Making of...) Jill\tCafé del Mar\t4:42\t4.4 MB

    Ramp - Everyboy Loves The Sunshine\tCafé del Mar\t3:36\t3.3 MB

    Deadbeats - Feel Good\tCafé del Mar\t5:29\t5.1 MB

    The Metaluna Mutant - Blinky Blue Eyed Sunrise\tCafé del Mar\t6:15\t5.8 MB

    Sabres of Paradise - Haunted Dancehall\tCafé del Mar\t5:46\t5.3 MB

    Afterlife - Blue Bar\tCafé del Mar\t6:50\t9.4 MB

    Eighth Wave - Panama Bazaar\tCafé del Mar\t6:42\t12.3 MB

    José Padilla - Walking On Air\tCafé del Mar\t6:14\t7.2 MB

    Moodswings - Redemption Song\tCafé del Mar\t6:41\t8.5 MB

    Pressure Drop - Dusk\tCafé del Mar\t5:44\t5.3 MB

    Nova Nova - Tones\tCafé del Mar\t6:18\t7.3 MB

    Pat Metheny - Sueno con Mexico\tCafé del Mar\t5:55\t5.5 MB

    Miro - Emotions of Paradise\tCafé del Mar\t7:58\t9.2 MB

    Nightmares on Wax - Nights Interlude\tCafé del Mar\t3:27\t4 MB

    Alex Neri - Asia\tCafé del Mar\t5:25\t7.5 MB

    Beat Foundation - My Freedom\tCafé del Mar\t6:07\t5.7 MB

    Heavyshift - Last Picture Show\tCafé del Mar\t3:48\t4.4 MB

    José Padilla - Que Bonito\tCafé del Mar\t5:57\t8.2 MB

    John Martyn - Sunshine Better\tCafé del Mar\t5:49\t8 MB

    Indo Aminata - Leo Leo\tCafé del Mar\t4:46\t6.6 MB

    Paco Frenandez - Grillos\tCafé del Mar\t5:13\t7.2 MB

    Voices of Kwahn A.D. - Return Journey\tCafé del Mar\t6:12\t8.6 MB

    Les Jumeaux - Miracle Road\tCafé del Mar\t6:54\t9.5 MB

    Wasis Drop - No Sant\tCafé del Mar\t4:55\t6.8 MB

    Levitation - Out Of Time\tCafé del Mar\t4:33\t6.3 MB

    Filia Brasilia - Place de la Concorde\tCafé del Mar\t5:49\t8 MB

    Chicane - Offshore\tCafé del Mar\t7:00\t9.7 MB

    Karen Ramirez - Trouble Girl\tCafé del Mar\t4:19\t6 MB

    Phil Mison - Lula\tCafé del Mar\t6:26\t8.9 MB

    A.R. Rahman - Mumbai Theme Tune\tCafé del Mar\t5:15\t6.1 MB

    Levitation - More Than Ever People\tCafé del Mar\t7:21\t8.5 MB

    Jelly & Fish - Appreciation (Radio Mix)\tCafé del Mar\t3:47\t4.4 MB

    Nookie feat. Larry Heard - Paradise (Tease Mix)\tCafé del Mar\t5:01\t5.8 MB

    4 Wings - Penelope (Radio Edit)\tCafé del Mar\t6:12\t7.2 MB

    Ame Strong - Tout Est Bleu (Original Ame Strong S.A. Remix)\tCafé del Mar\t3:44\t4.3 MB

    The Ballistic Brothers - Uschi's Groove\tCafé del Mar\t3:25\t4 MB

    A New Funky Generation feat. Marika - Lubumba '98\tCafé del Mar\t4:56\t5.7 MB

    Les Negresses Vertes - Face Ã* la Mer\tCafé del Mar\t5:41\t6.6 MB

    Electribe 101 - Talking With Myself '98 (Canny Remix)\tCafé del Mar\t7:04\t8.1 MB

    Cyberfit - Pojo Pojo\tCafé del Mar\t5:05\t5.9 MB

    Lamb - Transfatty Acid (Kruder & Dorfmeister Remix Edit)\tCafé del Mar\t6:46\t7.8 MB

    Salt Tank - Angels Landing (José Padilla & Sunchild Remix)\tCafé del Mar\t5:36\t6.5 MB

    Paco Fernandez - Mani\tCafé del Mar\t5:16\t6.1 MB

    Wim Mertens - Close Cover\tCafé del Mar\t3:13\t3.7 MB

    Talvin Singh - Traveller\tCafé del Mar\t5:51\t8.1 MB

    Afterlife - Dub in Ya Mind\tCafé del Mar\t5:14\t7.2 MB

    A New Funky Generation - The Messenger\tCafé del Mar\t3:47\t5.3 MB

    dZihan & Kamien - Homebase\tCafé del Mar\t7:15\t10 MB

    Mandalay - Beautiful\tCafé del Mar\t4:34\t6.3 MB

    Humate - 3.2 Bedrock\tCafé del Mar\t7:01\t9.7 MB

    Endorphin - Satie 1\tCafé del Mar\t3:08\t4.4 MB

    Nitin Sawhney - Homelands\tCafé del Mar\t5:59\t8.3 MB

    Rae & Christian - A Distant Invitation\tCafé del Mar\t5:14\t7.3 MB

    Bugge Wesseltoft - Existence\tCafé del Mar\t7:03\t9.7 MB

    Paco Fernandez - On Home\tCafé del Mar\t4:23\t6.1 MB

    Marc Collin - Les Kid Nappeurs Main Theme\tCafé del Mar\t4:12\t5.8 MB

    José Padilla - Adios Ayer\tCafé del Mar\t5:35\t7.7 MB

    Moonrock - I'll Street Blues\tCafé del Mar\t3:46\t5.2 MB

    Dusty Springfield - The Look of Love\tCafé del Mar\t3:41\t5.1 MB

    Lux - Northern Lights\tCafé del Mar\t5:34\t10.3 MB

    Afterlife - Breather 2000 (Arifhunda Mix)\tCafé del Mar\t6:02\t11.1 MB

    Moby - Whispering Wind\tCafé del Mar\t6:05\t11.2 MB

    Deep & Wide - Easy Rider\tCafé del Mar\t4:54\t9 MB

    Bush - Letting The Cables Sleep (The N.O.W. Remix)\tCafé del Mar\t5:24\t9.9 MB

    UKO - Sunbeams\tCafé del Mar\t4:21\t8 MB

    Aromabar - Winter Pagent\tCafé del Mar\t3:57\t7.3 MB

    Bedrock - Beautiful Strange\tCafé del Mar\t6:17\t11.6 MB

    A New Funky Generation feat. Joy Rose - One More Try\tCafé del Mar\t4:11\t7.7 MB

    Bent - Swollen\tCafé del Mar\t6:47\t12.5 MB

    Underwolves - 68 Moves\tCafé del Mar\t3:43\t6.9 MB

    Oystein Sevag & Lakki Patey - Cahuita\tCafé del Mar\t4:53\t9 MB

    Slow Pulse feat. Cathy Battistessa - Riva\tCafé del Mar\t4:55\t9.1 MB

    Goldfrapp - Utopia (New Ears Mix)\tCafé del Mar\t3:08\t2.9 MB

    Thomas Newman - Any Other Name\tCafé del Mar\t4:08\t3.8 MB

    Afterlife - Sunrise (DJ Thunda & The K20 Allstars Remix)\tCafé del Mar\t6:29\t6 MB

    Dido - Worthless\tCafé del Mar\t7:50\t7.2 MB

    Mari Boine - Gula Gula (Chilluminati Mix)\tCafé del Mar\t4:48\t4.5 MB

    Lux - 100 Billion Stars\tCafé del Mar\t5:16\t4.9 MB

    Mark de Clive-Lowe - Day by Day (DJ Spinna Remix Edit)\tCafé del Mar\t5:55\t5.5 MB

    Ben Onono - Takouage Bleu (Avec Chet)\tCafé del Mar\t4:00\t3.7 MB

    Illumination - Cookie Raver\tCafé del Mar\t5:25\t5 MB

    Tiny Tunes - Will You Catch Me (Tiny Tunes Mix Edit)\tCafé del Mar\t6:00\t5.6 MB

    Digby Jones - Pina Colada (Jazz Mix)\tCafé del Mar\t6:14\t5.8 MB

    Scripture - Apache\tCafé del Mar\t4:51\t4.5 MB

    Lamb - Gabriel\tCafé del Mar\t4:17\t4 MB

    Essential Mix\tCarl Cox\t2:00:07\t137.5 MB

    Live in Paris 8-99\tCarl Cox\t1:02:56\t72.1 MB

    Colorblind\tCounting Crows\t3:24\t3.2 MB

    High Altitude Breaks Level 01\tDanny McMillian\t1:06:14\t91 MB

    Back To Mine\tDanny Tenaglia\t1:13:28\t67.3 MB

    GU 020 Singapore CD 1\tDarren Emerson\t1:06:32\t91.4 MB

    GU 020 Singapore CD 2\tDarren Emerson\t1:10:24\t96.8 MB

    One Sweet World\tDave & Tim\t5:43\t5.3 MB

    #41\tDave & Tim\t5:37\t5.2 MB

    Tripping Billies\tDave & Tim\t5:49\t5.4 MB

    Jimi Thing\tDave & Tim\t8:13\t7.6 MB

    Satellite\tDave & Tim\t4:40\t4.3 MB

    Crash into Me\tDave & Tim\t5:33\t5.1 MB

    Deed is Done\tDave & Tim\t4:51\t4.5 MB

    Lover Lay Down\tDave & Tim\t5:33\t5.1 MB

    What Would You Say\tDave & Tim\t5:07\t4.7 MB

    Minarets\tDave & Tim\t7:00\t6.5 MB

    Cry Freedom\tDave & Tim\t5:39\t5.2 MB

    Dancing Nancies\tDave & Tim\t7:15\t6.7 MB

    Typical Situation\tDave & Tim\t7:02\t6.5 MB

    Stream\tDave & Tim\t5:49\t5.4 MB

    Warehouse\tDave & Tim\t9:17\t8.6 MB

    Christmas Song\tDave & Tim\t5:24\t5 MB

    Seek Up\tDave & Tim\t7:43\t7.1 MB

    Say Goodbye\tDave & Tim\t5:19\t4.9 MB

    Ants Marching\tDave & Tim\t5:26\t5 MB

    Little Thing\tDave & Tim\t6:18\t5.8 MB

    Halloween\tDave & Tim\t3:00\t2.8 MB

    Granny\tDave & Tim\t3:22\t3.1 MB

    Two Step\tDave & Tim\t6:34\t6.1 MB

    Take Five\tDave Brubeck\t10:51\t10 MB

    I Did It\tDave Matthews Band\t3:36\t3.4 MB

    When the World Ends\tDave Matthews Band\t3:32\t3.3 MB

    The Space Between\tDave Matthews Band\t4:03\t3.8 MB

    Dreams of Our Fathers\tDave Matthews Band\t4:41\t4.4 MB

    So Right\tDave Matthews Band\t4:41\t4.3 MB

    If I Had it All\tDave Matthews Band\t4:03\t3.8 MB

    What You Are\tDave Matthews Band\t4:33\t4.2 MB

    Angel\tDave Matthews Band\t3:56\t3.7 MB

    Fool To Think\tDave Matthews Band\t4:14\t3.9 MB

    Sleep To Dream Her\tDave Matthews Band\t4:25\t4.1 MB

    Mother Father\tDave Matthews Band\t4:24\t4.1 MB

    Everyday\tDave Matthews Band\t4:43\t4.4 MB

    Busted Stuff\tDave Matthews Band\t4:03\t5.6 MB

    Grey Street\tDave Matthews Band\t5:51\t8.1 MB

    Digging A Ditch\tDave Matthews Band\t4:21\t6 MB

    Sweet Up & Down\tDave Matthews Band\t4:40\t6.5 MB

    JTR\tDave Matthews Band\t5:34\t7.7 MB

    Big Eyed Fish\tDave Matthews Band\t5:14\t7.2 MB

    Grace Is Gone\tDave Matthews Band\t5:10\t7.1 MB

    Captain\tDave Matthews Band\t5:25\t7.5 MB

    Bartender\tDave Matthews Band\t10:07\t14 MB

    Monkey Man\tDave Matthews Band\t7:19\t10.1 MB

    Kit-Kat Jam\tDave Matthews Band\t5:31\t7.6 MB

    Raven\tDave Matthews Band\t6:24\t8.9 MB

    Seek Up\tDave Matthews Band\t13:29\t12.4 MB

    Proudest Monkey\tDave Matthews Band\t7:04\t6.5 MB

    Satellite\tDave Matthews Band\t5:07\t4.8 MB

    Two Step\tDave Matthews Band\t9:21\t8.6 MB

    Best of What's Around\tDave Matthews Band\t6:18\t5.8 MB

    Recently\tDave Matthews Band\t6:12\t5.7 MB

    Lie In Our Graves\tDave Matthews Band\t8:19\t7.7 MB

    Dancing Nancies\tDave Matthews Band\t9:12\t8.5 MB

    Warehouse\tDave Matthews Band\t8:04\t7.4 MB

    Tripping Billies\tDave Matthews Band\t4:49\t4.5 MB

    Drive In, Drive Out\tDave Matthews Band\t6:20\t5.9 MB

    Lover Lay Down\tDave Matthews Band\t6:23\t5.9 MB

    Rhyme and Reason\tDave Matthews Band\t7:03\t6.5 MB

    #36\tDave Matthews Band\t12:55\t11.9 MB

    Ants Marching\tDave Matthews Band\t6:54\t6.4 MB

    Typical Situation\tDave Matthews Band\t7:01\t6.5 MB

    All Along The Watchtower\tDave Matthews Band\t6:57\t6.4 MB

    The Best Of What's Around\tDave Matthews Band\t4:17\t4 MB

    What Would You Say\tDave Matthews Band\t3:42\t3.4 MB

    Satellite\tDave Matthews Band\t4:51\t4.5 MB

    Rhyme & Reason\tDave Matthews Band\t5:15\t4.9 MB

    Typical Situation\tDave Matthews Band\t5:59\t5.5 MB

    Dancing Nancies\tDave Matthews Band\t6:05\t5.6 MB

    Ants Marching\tDave Matthews Band\t4:31\t4.2 MB

    Lover Lay Down\tDave Matthews Band\t5:37\t5.2 MB

    Jimi Thing\tDave Matthews Band\t5:57\t5.5 MB

    Warehouse\tDave Matthews Band\t7:06\t6.6 MB

    Pay For What You Get\tDave Matthews Band\t4:32\t4.2 MB

    #34\tDave Matthews Band\t4:58\t4.6 MB

    Back To Mine\tDave Seaman\t1:04:09\t58.8 MB

    GU 016 Cape Town Disc 1\tDave Seaman\t1:04:35\t59.2 MB

    Renaissance Awakening Disc 1\tDave Seaman\t1:10:30\t96.9 MB

    Renaissance Awakening Disc 2\tDave Seaman\t1:15:51\t69.5 MB

    Renaissance Desire Disc 1\tDave Seaman\t1:16:13\t104.7 MB

    Renaissance Desire Disc 2\tDave Seaman\t1:14:19\t68.1 MB

    Renaissance Ibiza Disc 1\tDeep Dish\t1:16:41\t105.4 MB

    Renaissance Ibiza Disc 2\tDeep Dish\t1:16:53\t105.6 MB

    Yoshiesque 2 Disc 1\tDeep Dish\t1:18:25\t107.8 MB

    Yoshiesque 2 Disc 2\tDeep Dish\t1:18:43\t108.2 MB

    GU 021 Moscow Disc 1\tDeep Dish\t1:14:00\t101.7 MB

    GU 021 Moscow Disc 2\tDeep Dish\t1:17:35\t106.6 MB

    Bedrock Breaks Disc 1\tDJ Hyper\t58:12\t80 MB

    Bedrock Breaks Disc 2\tDJ Hyper\t56:05\t77.1 MB

    Back To Mine\tFaithless\t1:01:55\t70.9 MB

    Insomnia\tFaithless\t8:43\t12 MB

    Muhammed Ali\tFaithless\t4:21\t6 MB

    We Come One\tFaithless\t8:19\t11.5 MB

    Gangster Trippin'\tFatboy Slim\t3:29\t3.2 MB

    Praise You\tFatboy Slim\t5:22\t5 MB

    Rockafella Skank\tFatboy Slim\t6:48\t6.3 MB

    Shimmer\tFuel\t3:33\t3.3 MB

    Papua New Guinea\tFuture Sound of London\t6:46\t6.3 MB

    Here in your Bedroom\tGoldfinger\t3:10\t3 MB

    Back To Mine\tGroove Armada\t1:09:08\t63.3 MB

    Fogma\tGroove Armada\t7:02\t9.7 MB

    Big Muff - My Funny Valentine\tHotel Costes\t7:52\t10.9 MB

    Ballistic Brothers - Cubafro Con Amigos\tHotel Costes\t5:32\t7.7 MB

    Fantastic Plastic Machines - First Class 77\tHotel Costes\t5:48\t8 MB

    Stéphane Pompougnac - Green Tree\tHotel Costes\t0:40\t950.3 K

    Yves Montand - Pour Faire le Portrait d'un Oiseau\tHotel Costes\t6:14\t8.6 MB

    De-Phazz - No Jive\tHotel Costes\t4:14\t5.9 MB

    Aphrodelics - Rollin' On Chrome\tHotel Costes\t5:07\t7.1 MB

    Charles Schillings - No communication, No Love\tHotel Costes\t5:30\t7.6 MB

    Seven Dub - Chateau Rouge\tHotel Costes\t2:48\t3.9 MB

    New Phunk Theory - La Neblina del Verano\tHotel Costes\t4:01\t5.6 MB

    Baffa feat. Paganni - Luna de Rio\tHotel Costes\t5:46\t8 MB

    Almeidinha Do El Gringo - Chorando Sim\tHotel Costes\t4:21\t6 MB

    Grace Jones - Libertango\tHotel Costes\t4:24\t6.1 MB

    Nitin Sawhney - Migration\tHotel Costes\t6:07\t8.5 MB

    Rinocerose - Machine Pour les Oreilles\tHotel Costes\t5:40\t7.9 MB

    Flying Pop's - Love The DJ\tHotel Costes\t4:29\t6.2 MB

    Doris Days - To Ulrike M. (Zero 7 Mix)\tHotel Costes\t5:49\t8.1 MB

    De Phazz - Jazz Music\tHotel Costes\t3:32\t4.9 MB

    Pink Martini - Symphatique\tHotel Costes\t2:34\t3.6 MB

    Mo' Horizons - Flyin' Away\tHotel Costes\t3:54\t5.4 MB

    45 Dip - Lizzie's Balloon\tHotel Costes\t3:44\t5.2 MB

    Rollercone - Palais Mascotte\tHotel Costes\t5:46\t8 MB

    I:Cube - Adore\tHotel Costes\t5:20\t7.4 MB

    Cesaria Evora - Carnaval De Sao Vicente (Jazzy Carnaval Mix)\tHotel Costes\t6:25\t8.9 MB

    Lovetronic - You Are Love (Jay's Afrotonic Vocal)\tHotel Costes\t6:39\t9.2 MB

    Pascal Feat. Mister Day - Salvation Live\tHotel Costes\t5:21\t7.4 MB

    Mr. Scruff - Get A Move On\tHotel Costes\t5:32\t7.7 MB

    Boozoo Baju - Night over Manaus\tHotel Costes\t5:19\t7.4 MB

    Streetlife Originals - The Assassin, Act 1\tHotel Costes\t4:37\t6.4 MB

    Another Level - Guess I Was A Fool (MJ Cole mix)\tHotel Costes\t6:51\t9.5 MB

    Rapture\tiiO\t8:40\t12 MB

    Virtual Insanity\tJamiroquai\t3:45\t3.5 MB

    Raff 'n' Freddy - Listen\tJohn Digweed\t7:41\t8.9 MB

    Tiny Trendies - The Sky Is Not Crying\tJohn Digweed\t5:40\t6.5 MB

    BPT feat Danny Morales - Moody\tJohn Digweed\t7:04\t8.1 MB

    C12 feat Jole - Judy\tJohn Digweed\t6:02\t7 MB

    Los Diablos Locos - El Locomotion\tJohn Digweed\t4:01\t4.7 MB

    Science Department - Repercussion\tJohn Digweed\t8:20\t9.6 MB

    Morel - True (Dub)\tJohn Digweed\t3:45\t4.4 MB

    Morel - True (Vocal)\tJohn Digweed\t7:39\t8.8 MB

    Jodi & Spesh - We are Connected\tJohn Digweed\t6:27\t7.4 MB

    ABA Structure - Illusion\tJohn Digweed\t5:31\t6.4 MB

    Funk Function - Odysseus\tJohn Digweed\t5:03\t5.8 MB

    Science Department - Persuasion\tJohn Digweed\t6:25\t7.4 MB

    POB & Taylor - Ba Ba (Human Movement Remix)\tJohn Digweed\t9:19\t10.7 MB

    Salina - Escape\tJohn Digweed\t5:56\t6.9 MB

    Dakota - Swirl\tJohn Digweed\t6:26\t7.4 MB

    Heller & Farley - The Rising Sun (Bedrock Remix)\tJohn Digweed\t9:24\t10.8 MB

    Interstate - CC16\tJohn Digweed\t4:11\t4.8 MB

    Voyager - Time Travel\tJohn Digweed\t5:14\t6.1 MB

    Sandra Collins - Flutterby\tJohn Digweed\t9:03\t10.4 MB

    Mark Hunt - Over & Out\tJohn Digweed\t4:31\t5.2 MB

    Slacker - Flying\tJohn Digweed\t6:26\t7.4 MB

    Bedrock - Heaven Scent\tJohn Digweed\t7:17\t8.4 MB

    Fortunato & Montressor - Imagine\tJohn Digweed\t3:30\t3.3 MB

    Liquid Language - Blu Savannah\tJohn Digweed\t4:03\t3.8 MB

    Head Effect - Wonky\tJohn Digweed\t4:20\t4 MB

    Jan Driver - Filter\tJohn Digweed\t5:49\t5.4 MB

    Shapeshifter - Flood\tJohn Digweed\t8:41\t8 MB

    Astral Matrix - Towards Omega\tJohn Digweed\t3:13\t3 MB

    Danny Tenaglia - Elements\tJohn Digweed\t4:13\t3.9 MB

    Hong Kong Trash - Down the River\tJohn Digweed\t8:26\t7.8 MB

    Abundence - Spiritual\tJohn Digweed\t2:51\t2.7 MB

    Brother Brown - Slap Me Some Skin\tJohn Digweed\t8:57\t8.2 MB

    David Alvarado - Blue 12\tJohn Digweed\t3:13\t3 MB

    Lando Psycho - Samba\tJohn Digweed\t5:28\t5.1 MB

    Albion - Air\tJohn Digweed\t6:01\t5.6 MB

    Fatma Morgana - Apache Spur\tJohn Digweed\t8:01\t7.4 MB

    Sound of Sim - Rub-a-Dub\tJohn Digweed\t3:26\t3.2 MB

    DJ JDM & Georgio - Subversal\tJohn Digweed\t5:16\t4.9 MB

    Kobayashi - Release\tJohn Digweed\t6:01\t5.6 MB

    Mortal - Autobahnana\tJohn Digweed\t5:30\t5.1 MB

    Pako & Frederik - Steel Blue\tJohn Digweed\t7:48\t7.2 MB

    Deepsky - Stargazer\tJohn Digweed\t4:28\t4.2 MB

    Paul Van Dyk - Words\tJohn Digweed\t5:31\t5.1 MB

    Vintage Millenium - Propaganda\tJohn Digweed\t5:46\t5.3 MB

    Pablo Gargano - The Unexplained\tJohn Digweed\t5:37\t5.2 MB

    Crystal Method - Keep Hope Alive\tJohn Digweed\t7:31\t6.9 MB

    Ylem - Out Of It\tJohn Digweed\t5:23\t5 MB

    Underworld - Cups\tJohn Digweed\t8:26\t7.8 MB

    Madder Rose - Overflow\tJohn Digweed\t3:47\t3.5 MB

    A.D.N.Y. Presents Leiva - Something for the Soul\tJohn Digweed\t4:12\t3.9 MB

    LSG - In Too Deep\tJohn Digweed\t5:54\t5.5 MB

    Sphere - Gravi Tech\tJohn Digweed\t6:52\t6.3 MB

    Francesco Farfa - Tribe & Trance\tJohn Digweed\t7:14\t6.7 MB

    Lexicon Avenue - Here I Am\tJohn Digweed\t7:14\t6.7 MB

    Luzon - The Baguio Track\tJohn Digweed\t5:39\t5.2 MB

    Cevin Fisher - Music Saved My Life\tJohn Digweed\t6:59\t6.5 MB

    Jean Philippe Aviance - Useless\tJohn Digweed\t5:03\t4.7 MB

    Medway - Flanker\tJohn Digweed\t7:00\t6.5 MB

    POB - Glide\tJohn Digweed\t3:52\t3.6 MB

    Tilt - Angry Skies (Tilt's Numerology Dub)\tJohn Digweed\t7:30\t6.9 MB

    Moonface - Futurized\tJohn Digweed\t5:47\t5.3 MB

    Cass vs. Slide - Diablo (Evolution Mix)\tJohn Digweed\t7:30\t6.9 MB

    Van M - Leeds - More\tJohn Digweed\t7:12\t6.7 MB

    Breeder - Sputnik (New York FM Mix)\tJohn Digweed\t7:27\t6.9 MB

    Science Department - Persuasion (Funk Function Future Mix)\tJohn Digweed\t5:46\t5.3 MB

    Johan - Crash (Funk Function Groove Mix)\tJohn Digweed\t3:50\t3.6 MB

    Hole In One - Amran in the 7th Phase\tJohn Digweed\t5:02\t4.7 MB

    Ingmar - To the Rescue\tJohn Digweed\t6:14\t5.8 MB

    Bedrock - Heaven Scent (Evolution Unreleased Mix)\tJohn Digweed\t6:43\t6.2 MB

    Stoneproof - And She Does (Quivver Alternative Mix)\tJohn Digweed\t6:49\t6.3 MB

    Digweed Kiss100FM (06-04-2001)\tJohn Digweed\t1:00:19\t82.9 MB

    Mondo '77\tLooper\t4:56\t4.6 MB

    Progression Sessions 6\tLTJ Bukem Feat. MC Conrad\t1:13:00\t100.3 MB

    Godd (Original Mix)\tMarco V\t6:05\t8.4 MB

    Karmacoma\tMassive Attack\t5:15\t4.9 MB

    Angel\tMassive Attack\t6:20\t7.3 MB

    Blue Lines\tMassive Attack\t4:21\t4 MB

    Daydreaming\tMassive Attack\t4:15\t4.9 MB

    Inertia Creeps\tMassive Attack\t5:33\t6.4 MB

    Sly\tMassive Attack\t5:28\t6.3 MB

    Teardrop\tMassive Attack\t5:31\t6.4 MB

    Unfinished Sympathy\tMassive Attack\t5:07\t4.7 MB

    Beat It\tMichael Jackson\t4:19\t4 MB

    Billy Jean\tMichael Jackson\t4:54\t4.5 MB

    Remember\tMichael Jackson\t4:00\t3.7 MB

    Smooth Criminal\tMichael Jackson\t4:17\t4 MB

    Thriller\tMichael Jackson\t5:57\t5.5 MB

    Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'\tMichael Jackson\t6:03\t5.6 MB

    Groove Armada - My Friend (Dorfmeister vs. Madrid de los Austrias Dub)\tMinistry of Sound\t4:51\t5.6 MB

    iiO - Rapture (Soulside Mix)\tMinistry of Sound\t5:09\t5.9 MB

    Zero - In the Waiting Line\tMinistry of Sound\t3:50\t4.5 MB

    Röyksopp - So Easy\tMinistry of Sound\t3:34\t4.1 MB

    Koop - Waltz for Koop\tMinistry of Sound\t3:01\t3.5 MB

    Pilote - Turtle (Bonobo Mix)\tMinistry of Sound\t4:07\t4.8 MB

    St. Germain - Sure Thing\tMinistry of Sound\t4:30\t5.2 MB

    Badly Drawn Boy - Once Around the Block (Andy Votel Remix)\tMinistry of Sound\t4:21\t5 MB

    David Holmes - Rodney Yates\tMinistry of Sound\t3:43\t4.3 MB

    Blue States - Diamente\tMinistry of Sound\t3:57\t4.6 MB

    Lemon Jelly - His Majesty King Room\tMinistry of Sound\t5:11\t6 MB

    Akasha - Crazy Baby\tMinistry of Sound\t4:20\t5 MB

    Kinobe - Summer in the Studio\tMinistry of Sound\t2:55\t3.4 MB

    Tom Tyler - Shatners Bassoon\tMinistry of Sound\t4:15\t4.9 MB

    FC Kahuna - Hayling\tMinistry of Sound\t4:39\t5.4 MB

    Nightmares on Wax - Nights Interlude\tMinistry of Sound\t4:15\t4.9 MB

    Chris Coco - Only Love\tMinistry of Sound\t4:24\t5.1 MB

    Brother Brown feat. Frank'ee - Star Catching Girl (Soulside Mix)\tMinistry of Sound\t3:33\t4.1 MB

    The James Gang - Ashes The Rain And I\tMinistry of Sound\t2:43\t3.2 MB

    Kings of Tomorrow feat. Julie McKnight - Finally (Dance Ritual Mix)\tMinistry of Sound\t5:10\t6 MB

    Jean-Jacques Smoothie - 2 People (Mirwais Extended Mix)\tMinistry of Sound\t4:08\t4.8 MB

    W.O.S.P. - Gettin' In 2 U (Dub Mix)\tMinistry of Sound\t4:46\t5.5 MB

    Afterlife - City (Fac 15 Sunset Dream Mix)\tMinistry of Sound\t4:36\t5.3 MB

    Bent - Always In My Heart\tMinistry of Sound\t4:49\t5.6 MB

    Kennedy - The Blue Hole\tMinistry of Sound\t3:59\t4.6 MB

    Deadbeats - Funky for You (Spacehopper Mix)\tMinistry of Sound\t5:05\t5.9 MB

    Science Dept. - Breathe (Flatline Mix)\tMinistry of Sound\t4:14\t4.9 MB

    Organic Audio - Always the Sun\tMinistry of Sound\t3:48\t4.4 MB

    Lil' Devious - Come Home (Carpal Tunnel Vision Remix)\tMinistry of Sound\t3:23\t3.9 MB

    Faithless - Evergreen (Dusted Remix)\tMinistry of Sound\t4:58\t5.7 MB

    Lux - Secret Fish\tMinistry of Sound\t3:09\t3.7 MB

    Weekend Players - I'll Be There\tMinistry of Sound\t4:03\t4.7 MB

    The Part Present Organisation - Beautiful\tMinistry of Sound\t4:54\t5.7 MB

    Jon Hopkins - Lost in Thought\tMinistry of Sound\t3:45\t4.3 MB

    Underworld - Second Hand\tMinistry of Sound\t5:09\t6 MB

    The Chemical Brothers - One Too Many Mornings\tMinistry of Sound\t3:17\t3.8 MB

    Radiohead - No Surprises\tMinistry of Sound\t3:47\t4.4 MB

    The Chillout Session Volume 2 Disc 1\tMinistry of Sound\t1:15:48\t104.2 MB

    The Chillout Session Volume 2 Disc 2\tMinistry of Sound\t1:16:01\t104.5 MB

    Back To Mine\tMorcheeba\t1:01:15\t84.2 MB

    New Years Dub (Hybrid Mix)\tMusique vs U2\t11:02\t15.2 MB

    Crystal (Bedrock Mix) \tNew Order\t5:59\t5.5 MB

    Back To Mine\tNick Warren\t1:12:57\t66.9 MB

    City on Down\tOf A Revolution\t3:49\t4.5 MB

    Crazy Game of Poker\tOf A Revolution\t8:42\t12 MB

    Black Rock\tOf A Revolution\t4:17\t5 MB

    Lush 3-1\tOrbital\t5:39\t5.2 MB

    Lush 3-2\tOrbital\t4:40\t5.4 MB

    Impact (The Earth Is Burning)\tOrbital\t10:28\t9.6 MB

    Halcyon + On + On\tOrbital\t9:27\t8.7 MB

    Forbidden Fruit (BT & PvD Food of Love Mix)\tPaul van Dyk\t9:43\t8.9 MB

    We Are Alive (Radio Mix, Full On Vocal)\tPaul van Dyk\t3:51\t3.6 MB

    We Are Alive (Radio Mix)\tPaul van Dyk\t3:06\t2.9 MB

    We Are Alive (Vandit Club Mix)\tPaul van Dyk\t5:49\t5.4 MB

    We Are Alive (Vandit Vocal Mix)\tPaul van Dyk\t5:50\t5.4 MB

    We Are Alive (DJ Icey's Arctic Bass Mix)\tPaul van Dyk\t6:04\t5.6 MB

    We Are Alive (Breathless Mix)\tPaul van Dyk\t7:37\t7 MB

    We Are Alive (Deep Breath Mix)\tPaul van Dyk\t6:15\t5.8 MB

    We Are Alive (Original Mix)\tPaul van Dyk\t7:23\t6.8 MB

    For An Angel\tPaul van Dyk\t3:50\t3.6 MB

    The Politics of Dancing Disc 1\tPaul van Dyk\t1:14:47\t102.8 MB

    The Politics of Dancing Disc 2\tPaul van Dyk\t1:14:48\t102.8 MB

    Money\tPink Floyd\t6:22\t5.9 MB

    Every Me, Every You\tPlacebo\t3:35\t3.3 MB

    Passive Aggressive (Brothers In Rhythm Mix)\tPlacebo\t9:06\t12.6 MB

    The Legacy\tPush\t8:45\t10.1 MB

    Xpander (edit)\tSasha\t3:52\t4.5 MB

    Xpander\tSasha\t11:30\t13.2 MB

    Belfunk\tSasha\t11:08\t12.8 MB

    Rabbitweed\tSasha\t10:23\t11.9 MB

    Baja\tSasha\t12:33\t14.4 MB

    Lupus (Jimmy Van M + Cass + Slide Mix)\tSasha\t9:01\t12.4 MB

    Scorchio (Sander Kleinenberg Mix)\tSasha\t11:36\t16 MB

    Come To Me\tSatoshi Tomiee\t5:20\t7.4 MB

    Love In Traffic\tSatoshi Tomiee\t5:14\t7.3 MB

    Up In Flames\tSatoshi Tomiee\t6:26\t8.9 MB

    Buzz - The Politics of Sound\tScott Henry\t1:09:43\t79.8 MB

    Six Underground (Nellie Hooper Edit)\tSneaker Pimps\t3:51\t3.6 MB

    Spin Spin Sugar (AvH Garridge Remix)\tSneaker Pimps\t9:03\t10.4 MB

    Rose Rouge\tSt. Germain\t7:01\t9.7 MB

    So Flute\tSt. Germain\t8:28\t11.7 MB

    Pont des Arts\tSt. Germain\t7:25\t10.2 MB

    Essential Mix 08-12-2001\tStanton Warriors\t2:00:10\t165.1 MB

    The Stanton Session\tStanton Warriors\t1:14:57\t103 MB

    David Byrne - Dance On Vaseline\tThievery Corporation\t5:36\t5.8 MB

    Baaba Maal - I Will Follow You (Souka Nayo)\tThievery Corporation\t4:52\t4.6 MB

    Slide Five - KC Doppler\tThievery Corporation\t4:41\t4.6 MB

    Rockers Hi-Fi - Transmission Central\tThievery Corporation\t4:46\t5.8 MB

    Stereolab - Tickertape of the Unconscious\tThievery Corporation\t4:10\t3.8 MB

    Pizzicato 5 - Porno 3003\tThievery Corporation\t4:21\t4.1 MB

    Thunderball - Hijack\tThievery Corporation\t4:58\t5 MB

    Edson Cordeiro - Ave Maria\tThievery Corporation\t4:05\t3.2 MB

    Waldeck - Defenceless\tThievery Corporation\t4:46\t5.4 MB

    Gus Gus - Polyesterday\tThievery Corporation\t4:04\t4.5 MB

    Hooverphonic - This Strange Effect\tThievery Corporation\t4:48\t4.4 MB

    Avatars of Dub - Sexelevatormuzik\tThievery Corporation\t5:15\t4.4 MB

    Black Uhuru - Boof n' Baff n' Biff\tThievery Corporation\t5:45\t5.2 MB

    Ursula 1000 - Savoir Faire\tThievery Corporation\t5:44\t5.6 MB

    Urbs N Chaoz - Closer to God\tThievery Corporation\t4:36\t4.2 MB

    A Warning (Dub)\tThievery Corporation\t9:12\t2.2 MB

    2001 Spliff Odyssey\tThievery Corporation\t9:00\t5.2 MB

    Shaolin Satellite\tThievery Corporation\t29:30\t6.8 MB

    Transcendence\tThievery Corporation\t3:50\t4.4 MB

    Universal Highness\tThievery Corporation\t3:49\t4.4 MB

    Incident At Gate 7\tThievery Corporation\t8:10\t6.6 MB

    Mañha\tThievery Corporation\t17:10\t4 MB

    Scene At The Open Air Market\tThievery Corporation\t2:38\t3.1 MB

    The Glass Bead Game\tThievery Corporation\t9:10\t6.4 MB

    Encounter In Bahia\tThievery Corporation\t14:57\t4.3 MB

    The Foundation\tThievery Corporation\t25:47\t6 MB

    Interlude\tThievery Corporation\t3:04\t2.2 MB

    The Oscillator\tThievery Corporation\t6:19\t4.4 MB

    Assault On Babylon\tThievery Corporation\t21:19\t4.9 MB

    .38.45 (A Thievery Number)\tThievery Corporation\t5:33\t5.1 MB

    One\tThievery Corporation\t5:03\t4.1 MB

    Treasures\tThievery Corporation\t2:25\t2.3 MB

    Le Monde\tThievery Corporation\t3:11\t3 MB

    Indra\tThievery Corporation\t5:22\t5 MB

    Lebanese Blonde\tThievery Corporation\t4:48\t4.5 MB

    Focus On Sight\tThievery Corporation\t3:47\t3.5 MB

    Air Batucada\tThievery Corporation\t4:46\t4.4 MB

    So Com Voce\tThievery Corporation\t2:47\t2.6 MB

    Samba Tranquille\tThievery Corporation\t3:06\t2.9 MB

    Shadows Of Ourselves\tThievery Corporation\t3:37\t3.4 MB

    The Hong Kong Triad\tThievery Corporation\t3:01\t2.8 MB

    Illumination\tThievery Corporation\t4:38\t4.3 MB

    The Mirror Conspiracy\tThievery Corporation\t3:45\t3.5 MB

    Tomorrow\tThievery Corporation\t3:43\t3.5 MB

    Synaesthesia\tThrillseekers\t5:44\t5.3 MB

    Ignition\tTrendroid\t7:45\t10.7 MB

    Beautiful Day\tU2\t4:08\t3.8 MB

    Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of\tU2\t4:32\t4.2 MB

    Elevation\tU2\t3:47\t3.5 MB

    Walk On\tU2\t4:56\t4.6 MB

    In A Little While\tU2\t3:39\t3.4 MB

    New York\tU2\t5:30\t5.1 MB

    I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For\tU2\t4:38\t4.3 MB

    One\tU2\t4:37\t4.3 MB

    Pride (In The Name of Love)\tU2\t3:49\t3.6 MB

    Sunday Bloody Sunday\tU2\t4:42\t6.5 MB

    Sweetest Thing\tU2\t3:01\t2.8 MB

    Where The Streets Have No Names\tU2\t4:36\t8.5 MB

    With Or Without You\tU2\t4:56\t4.6 MB

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    [ 01-30-2002: Message edited by: Jonathan ]</p>
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    taqtaq Posts: 76member
    I get my iPod tomorrow. Can't wait. I'll post my stats when I do. How do you guys manage your playlists? I have 14 gigs of mp3's so I'll need a little more space than "1000 songs in my pocket". Any suggestions? Now if only that new iMac would ship...arrrgh.

    anyhow, Alliance, you wear maroon because your an Aggie.

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    [quote]Originally posted by Taq:


    anyhow, Alliance, you wear maroon because your an Aggie.



    anyway, yeah what some people do is have playlists set up in iTunes itself. that way when they want a set of mp3s in the ipod, they can just erase whats in there and drag a new set to rotate if u have that many.
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    [quote] you asked for it... <hr></blockquote>

    yes, i asked what type, not what every freakin song u had in there was.

    nice mix, btw

    i got alot of that on my iPod
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    dogcowdogcow Posts: 713member
    <a href=""; target="_blank">Here is my odd assortment of songs</a> I am working on adding newer stuff and flushing out stuff I dont listen to anymore. Many of the mp3s I have are from the Pre-Napster age

    BTW, you can have iTunes and AppleScript make one of these nice tables (with a little help from Excel) by using <a href=""; target="_blank">These AppleScripts</a>

    [ 01-30-2002: Message edited by: Dogcow ]</p>
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    [quote]Originally posted by Dogcow:


    BTW, you can have iTunes and AppleScript make one of these nice tables </strong><hr></blockquote>

    I don't own one, and I don't want one, but that is fuking amazing. If that thing could just connect to the internet, Bill Gates would shit and eggrole.
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    529 Songs -- 2.77 GB

    Oh Yeah.
  • Reply 11 of 38
    Songs: 30

    Available: 4.6gb

    OK, OK.... I just got the thing yesterday, but I did get to jam to Monolake in my car this morning on the way to work. Sweet!
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    Taq, I also have many more songs than will fit on the iPod:

    For awhile I did manual management of the iPod, but I'd often forget to "eject" the iPod before unplugging it. (This creates an error message).

    So instead I make a "sync" playlist, and set the iPod to auto-sync that playlist. Then I drag-and-drop the genres or albums that I want onto that playlist. That way I just plug in and sync up, but still get to hand-pick what goes in.

    Good luck, enjoy it - it really is fantastic. Though I wish they would fix the problem in which big mp3s are played straight from the hard drive, instead of partially buffered. Jonathon, you must really have problems with that...
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    ijerryijerry Posts: 615member
    woo-hoo, got mine today....with the current amount of songs in my ibook, i will have 732 songs;various genres.
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    taqtaq Posts: 76member
    got mine yesterday. This thing is SWEET.

    alliance and mithras,

    I set up playlists to manage. I haven't set up a sync playlist. One of the cool things I did was add songs to my playlist that are on my server and have them transfered over. Granted it slows down the process, but only a few songs were transferred over, so it wasn't too bad. This way I don't have to worry about synching to different machines and having my music removed.
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    gbigbi Posts: 1member
    [quote]Originally posted by Dogcow:

    <strong>For All of you with iPods, post your stats!

    Songs: 694

    Memory Available: 1.8 GB

    Average Song Size: 4.03 MB</strong><hr></blockquote>

    What do you do when the iPod has more songs (listed on iTunes) than the total for all the playlists? Where have the missing songs gone??
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    [quote]Originally posted by GBI:


    What do you do when the iPod has more songs (listed on iTunes) than the total for all the playlists? Where have the missing songs gone??</strong><hr></blockquote>

    I'd say doubles... but i dono
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    [quote]Originally posted by Dogcow:

    <strong><a href=""; target="_blank">Here is my odd assortment of songs</a> I am working on adding newer stuff and flushing out stuff I dont listen to anymore. Many of the mp3s I have are from the Pre-Napster age

    BTW, you can have iTunes and AppleScript make one of these nice tables (with a little help from Excel) by using <a href=""; target="_blank">These AppleScripts</a>

    [ 01-30-2002: Message edited by: Dogcow ]</strong><hr></blockquote>

    you my friend, ARE A GOD. do you have any idea how long i was looking for those? (granted I wasnt looking very hard...)
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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    Songs: 1191

    available: 1016KB

    version: 1.0.4

    S/N: U21457KDLG6
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    502 songs.

    Used: 2.31GB


    Dang I love this thing.
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    macaddictmacaddict Posts: 1,055member

    A lot of your songs are awesome...but...why is every 10th song or so total "Bye Bye Bye"?
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