Gazelle's new promo pays $10 extra on your iPhone, iPad and Mac trade-ins

in iPhone edited February 2014
Gazelle is launching a promotion in February for new iPad buyers and iPhone users whose contracts are just coming to term, offering a $10 bonus on cash payouts to help offset the cost of purchasing a newer iOS device.
Trade-in Price Guide

The promo officially launches later this week (and ends on the 28th), but AppleInsider readers can take advantage of it starting today. Effectively, it pays you an additional $10 on any device trade-in valued at more than $25, which is essentially any iPhone, iPad, or relatively recent Mac that isn't completely broken.

Similar to services like NextWorth and USell that are also listed in our Trade-in Payout Guide, Gazelle's website asks you to assess the condition of the device you want to trade-in. It then makes you a cash offer and mails you a pre-paid shipping box for the device to be mailed back in ahead of payment.

Gazelle's current rates, as extracted from our Trade-in Payout Guide, for iPhones and iPads can be seen below. These prices are before the $10 bonus is added in:


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    Shouldn’t those stacks be of one dollar bills?

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    Does it matter?   I don't think anyone is seriously expecting the photo to be realistic.

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    cash907cash907 Posts: 893member
    Wow. Ten dollars. So now Gazelle offers half of what you'd make selling your device on eBay, CL or Amazon, plus ten bucks. What a deal.
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    Look at the error message that I received at the very end of selling my 4S:

    "This promotion is for first time customers only."

    I sold a broken iPhone 5 to them last year, so I guess they won't give me the extra $10 :(

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