Apple seeds sixth OS X 10.9.2 Mavericks beta to developers

in macOS edited February 2014
Keeping with its weekly beta update schedule, Apple on Wednesday seeded the sixth OS X 10.9.2 Mavericks beta to developers on Wednesday with no significant changes.


With the last beta version, build 13C59, Apple once again asks developers to focus on Mail, Messages and Graphics Drivers, according to people who have seen the most recent release.

Continuing from the last build, focus areas include SMB2, Mail, Messages, Graphics Drivers, VoiceOver and VPN. Mavericks' messaging functions, especially Mail, have been the source of trouble since the OS first launched in October, as affected users saw Gmail compatibility issues and erratic Smart Mailbox behavior. A subsequent standalone patch was released, and the problem was supposedly addressed in the OS X 10.9.1 update, but complications still exist.

Developers can download the latest version of the upcoming Mavericks maintenance update via Software Update or Apple's developer portal.


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    solipsismxsolipsismx Posts: 19,566member
    These seem to be coming faster and faster. I assume this means the release will happen shortly.
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    Just curious: on average, what is the number of beta releases before an OS update is usually released?
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    graphic drivers! yay! 


    once I don't have to rearrange all my monitors (again) everytime mavericks starts up, I'll switch.

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    Graphics driver improvements are always welcome. This is an area OS X can be improved vastly.
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    I really like Mavericks, especially Safari. What a fantastic browser.

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    clemynxclemynx Posts: 1,510member
    Impatiently waiting for this update that apparently solves the problem on 2007 and some later Macs with the screen. I know have to jungle between color setting to make moving lines disappear. Very annoying.
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    So can I finally get a button in Messages to take a still image from my Mac camera and send it or select one from iPhoto or my filesystem like in iOS (of course iOS only allows your Camera Roll...)???  Why do I first have to go into Photo Booth to get a new still?!  Tired of the lack of feature parity between iOS & OS X!  I thought Macs were supposed to make things easier and faster?!  

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    I sure hope that 10.9.2 is released soon. I really need graphics updates for the Sapphire/AMD HD 7950 graphics card. Some website graphics looks like a chopped up rainbow, and fonts are also blurry at random, other unsexy anomalies  here and there etc and so on. My external Focusrite card does not work well in Mavericks right now, and it flickers thru the settings randomly on it's display looking like a tiny dance club. Sometimes I need to restart the computer 5 times before that goes away, or I need to unplug the USB cable after reaching the desktop. I'm surprised i haven't lost my mind yet. Sure feels like the damn Windows days when you just wanted to melt people.

    I also hope and wish for built in TRIM support for third party ssd's, SATA or PCIe, so we don't have to patch, and re-apply, every time you release an update to OS X. Thank you Apple!

    As Steve Jobs would say or scream, THIS IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!  

    Now go back to WORK, or F O!

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