FCC's debuts iOS speed test app to map performance of U.S. broadband services



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    I think what you meant to say: It's not as if Eisenhower started the space race, and as a side effect, the core technology for the internet was created.


    If you'd like to shift this debate to whether it was a good idea for the government to invest in the space program in the mid 20th century vs. the FCC making redundant mobile phone apps that already exist in 2014, let me go get a cat.  You do your little best crafting your arguments, while my cat mashes the keys with his paws and still wins.


    No, I meant exactly what I said.

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    No, I meant exactly what I said.

    Then your premise and point were so far out of historical context, that your comment is totally irrelevant.


    Should we equate the Louisiana Purchase with modern eminent domain policy next? :rolleyes: 


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