Apple to announce 'iOS in the Car' tie up with Ferrari, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz next week



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    nofeer wrote: »
    Ford has done a lot of great things
    Dropping MS is one
    Won't buy one because of terrible voice system and they got dinged by customer satisfaction scores it's a it barrier
    So ford dumps the POS ms system and partners with..... Blackberry qnx system
    Let's embrace a dead system
    Ford screwed the pooch with that one
    Go with the best ford
    Just terrible announcement
    Get an interface customers can choose
    Add on apple interface for my iPhone
    Ford go with a winner

    Ford had promise more
    Ck thAt off my list

    QNX predates Blackberry, it's an extremely capable real-time operating system that's POSIX compliant. It's in it's basics just as good and in many ways superior to the MACH/BSD foundation of OS X/iOS.

    Blackberry getting that OS as a base is a greate move, albeit way (too?) late, and the only thing I hate about that move is that BB might take that OS down the drain along with them. QNX is highly efficient, low overhead and a true real-time OS, something Apple can't claim for Darwin, even though they can try to approximate it with MACH's fixed priority threads. (If you don't know what a real-time OS is, look it up on Wikipedia, they probably also have an entry on QNX, too...)

    In any case Ford picking QNX is not a bad choice, particularly for all we know other computers in Ford's cars might already run on QNX. It's not the OS that matters, but the integration and UI, and for Ford also the terms of licensing. You can bet that licensing QNX is a lot less onerous than dealing with Apple's terms...
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    larry9 wrote: »
    how is network access provided?they need a customer supplied phone and service? or how?

    That is totally wide open. Manufacturers could use a model like with OnStar or like Amazon uses for their Kindle products (internet included for built-in functionality like traffic updates, etc.) or they can include mobile data in subscription plans (traffic updates, map updates, internet radio for $x/year), or they could choose a model where it's tethered to the iPhone.

    None of that is a technical issue, it's a marketing question.
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