Apple's voracious appetite for acquisitions outspent Google in 2013



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    Quite. And just imagine what any company that is approached by Google is now going to think. Am I going to get chewed up and spit out in two year's time? To my mind, the Motorola debacle reveals a vacuum right at the heart of Google strategy. 

    I personally don't think of either Apple or Google as making good long-term partners. They'll both figure out their own in-house solutions, or buy one, to replace a business partner/developer solution if there's the right advantage to it.
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    Originally Posted by Constable Odo View Post


    What do you mean by Google has little to show?  A couple of years ago both Apple and Google had similar share prices.  Google is now at a mighty $1200 a share and Apple is at a measly $520 a share.  I'd say shareholders got more value out of Google than they did out of Apple.  Apple's cheap nickel and dime acquisitions will never get investors excited as a company getting blockbuster acquisitions.  Google has left Apple in the dust as far as Wall Street is concerned.

    You know, I cry for you every time I read your posts... like I did every time Hachi the dog returned to the train station waiting for his master.  But after the 4th or 5th time, I just had to turn the movie off...too pathetic.  really.

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