Apple updates Apple Store apps with notification tweaks for iPhone, gift card buying for iPad

in iPhone edited March 2014
Apple on Friday rolled out an update to its Apple Store iOS app, which are separate downloads for iPhone and iPad, bringing enhanced in-store notifications to the former and gift card purchases to the latter.

Apple Store

With the latest versions, the iPhone Apple Store app hits version 2.9.2, while the iPad iteration moves to version 1.1.

The iPhone version includes improvements to in-store alerts that allow users to view notifications both in-app as well as on the lock screen. Apple's deployment of in-store iBeacons is a major feature for the Apple Store app and it looks as though the company is taking the implementation a step further with this release.

Earlier this week, it was learned that the latest iOS 7.1 update includes new "always on" iBeacon functionality. With the update, iBeacon-capable software to search for beacon signals even after the app has been closed and the iPhone rebooted. It is unclear if the Apple Store app takes advantage of the feature.

As for the iPad version, users can now purchase Apple Store Gift Cards in any denomination from $25 to $2,000. Physical cards will be mailed out, while digital gifts are sent via email within 24 hours. The iPhone app already includes this functionality.

Finally, both Apple Store app versions came with the usual various bug fixes and performance improvements.

The Apple Store app can be downloaded for free from the iOS App Store, with the iPhone version coming in at 6.8MB and the iPad version at 23.6MB.


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