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Just out of curiosity, can the windoze iPod be used with a mac? Is there any differences besides the firewire adapter?



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    Yes, a Windows iPod can be used on a Mac. Apparently you just need to download the latest iPod software from Apple and it will reformat the iPod harddisk for HFS+.

    The reverse however is not possible: reformatting a Mac iPod for use on a Windows machine. Now, there may be some Windows shareware that will allow you to reformat the disk but according to Apple only a Windows to Mac switch can be done not the reverse.
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    How convienient (or however you spell it)
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    Incidentally, this fits in with Apple's Switch campaign: if you have a Windows box and buy a Windows iPod then you needn't worry as you can reformat your iPod to work with your Mac when you toss out the PC and buy a Mac, 'cause eventually your gonna do it, right?!

    Switching in the other direction is not an option.
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    stunnedstunned Posts: 1,096member
    This is probably not bad news for Apple users, cos very few Mac users will want to switch to windows.
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    YES!!!! That is GREAT!!! I'm so glad I found this out!! since I bought my wife a windows iPod when I eventually switch to Mac, I can take my wife's iPod demote my Dell to a DASD (Data Access Storage Device) and buy HER a Mac!!!

    Everything is going just as I foresaw it...THEN I can start the wheels turning on MY purchase of the Powerbook...heh heh heh heh heh heh heh....
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    dude, you're evil...
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