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Does anyone use a Clie with a Mac with the software that syncs them together? Problems? Do you like it? Pros? Cons? Bueller?

Why do I ask? Cause I am thinking of PURCHASING one...(there ya go Fran!) <img src="graemlins/lol.gif" border="0" alt="[Laughing]" />

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    Bad Bodhi. This is a perfect Digital Hub topic. No cookie for you.
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    johnrpjohnrp Posts: 357member
    I use a CLIE with a mac with no problems at all. I downloaded the mac software from Apple (only came with PC) and that was that. Easy Peasy.
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    I think I mentioned this in one of my other threads. My journey for the perfect PDA (for myself) landed me the Sony Clie SJ30. All of my hotsync operations are done without a problem. You will just need to dnld the Palm Desktop 4.0 for mac. One cool thing that I really enjoy is the movie viewer called Kinoma. The kinoma producer for Mac works beautifully! And for images, I use Graphics Converter. This program is so great that I can export any image as a .pdb file, add it to my HotSync manager, Sync, and there it is! I love the experience that I am having with my Mac and my Clie.

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    Okay well I am considering a new Clie that was just announced(have a friend at Sony) and it comes with Palm OS 5. So all of the Sony software for the Clie works no problem?

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    the TG50?

    I have a NX70v and am thinking of switching it over from my pc to my mac. If i'm not mistaken all of the sony included software does not work on mac. Most people use missing sync to get alot of features back, mounting mem stick, photos with iphoto, music with itunes.

    <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>;

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    Ti Fighter, I believe you are mistaken.

    Actually, wtf are you talking about?

    Yes, it is true, the bundled software does not work but so what? Don't buy the missing sinc, it has no market and is a waste of money.

    Just download the free palm desktop software from palm. It always supported the Clie. i have a clie peg-s320 and it works flawlessly, actually better than on a pc as i can use it with isync and the included addressbook and ical.

    The Sony clie is great.

    Fsck all of you who have said bad things about Sony. I admire that company. And for those of you who diss it because its not American... <img src="graemlins/oyvey.gif" border="0" alt="[oyvey]" />

    Get a life....

    So basically, the Clie is the best pda out there.

    It is cheaper than the palm counterparts.

    The palm zire sucks and although the tungsten is really cool, it is overpriced.

    Go For Sony!!!

    I hope this helps.
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    I own a Sony Clié NX60, and I love it. The screen is great, and while people have bitched about battery life, I haven't noticed a real issue with it. Memory sticks are pricey, but you can find 'em cheap on ebay. Again, people make too large a deal out of that I think.

    I use the thing for carrying around 128MB of my photography, constantly ready to show anyone who wants to see it. And it looks great.

    You need to have 'The Missing Sync' to synchronize it with your mac. iSync says it is supported, but if you read the fine print, it says only when you use 'The Missing Sync'.

    I highly recommend the Clié. Kicks the snot out of any Newton ;-)

    :: ducks under the table ::
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    [quote]I highly recommend the Clié. Kicks the snot out of any Newton ;-)<hr></blockquote>









    When your little PDA hits that many years of service, is still working fine, and still has a community that actively supports it with new applications and technologies, let me know. Maybe I'll care then because I really don't care now.
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    newton rocks !

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    :: shoots jack from behind ::
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    Man, it's like shooting fish in a barrel with you Newton people... <img src="graemlins/lol.gif" border="0" alt="[Laughing]" />
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    <img src="graemlins/lol.gif" border="0" alt="[Laughing]" /> jack, my men. after fran, our woman...huhhuhuu <img src="graemlins/bugeye.gif" border="0" alt="[Skeptical]" /> :cool:
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    I'm thinking about getting a TG50 myself. Anyone have any experience with getting the Clie software to work with Virtual PC?
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    I saw that comment and I could hear Fran's footsteps in the back halls over here at AppleInsider HQ ready to pounce on the Newton diss...
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    --&gt; DH
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    Welcome to my turf guys. <img src="graemlins/cancer.gif" border="0" alt="[cancer]" />
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    [quote]Originally posted by stevegongrui:

    <strong>Actually, wtf are you talking about?

    Yes, it is true, the bundled software does not work but so what? Don't buy the missing sinc, it has no market and is a waste of money.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    well since your s320 can't play mp3's or display color photos, no I imagine you wouldnt need missing sync, although m3d jack says otherwise as far as isync. I think it has a market, its called people with clies that use macs.

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    othelloothello Posts: 1,053member
    my clie N675 wouldn't sync at all without missing sync installed. plus it has a built in mp3 player so the only way to get songs onto the memory stick is *using* the missing sync...

    tsk, some people...
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    i dunno what you are talking clie nx70v will definately will not sync with palm desktop 4 alone.

    Missing-Sync is a MUST. I find problems using iSync in conjuction with missing-sync tho, and have since killed-off iSync. The problem is that after a while, the Date-book nolonger shows up in the Conduit-settings, therefore doesnt get updated. Sure missing-sync aint perfect (my memory stick doesnt mount and iTunes wont recognize it) But who needs mp3s on a clie anyways? I got my 10gig iPod still rocking away!

    I prefer palm Desktop anyways. I hated having to open different software (i Calendar to change Schedule, Address book to add contacts, etc.) when palm desktop lets me do all that under one roof.

    And clie (480x320 hiRez screen) IS SPECTACULAR.

    (i was holding out as long as i could for Newton2, but could wait nolonger)

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    Othello: you can easy get mp3s onto the memory stick using a memory stick just need to know which folder to stick the files on to. (i have a pc-card reader that tucks nicely into the side of my titanium) I use it mainly for my sony digital camera tho...I find this kind of reader is better than using that lame USB cable or other readers because I get less video-noise with the direct interface.

    Sure i have an iPod, but I still wanted to try out the "show-off" feature
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