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    [quote]Originally posted by Mac The Fork:

    <strong>Any singers?</strong><hr></blockquote>

    Yeah, I'm a singer. Recently auditioned for Connecticut All-State Choir, got a 100 out of 115 ppoints, the BEST SCORE anybody from my school got and definitely qualifying me for All-States. Woohoo!
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    I used to be into that 80s speed metal thing hehe I used to worship at the altar of the Guitar Gods?. Now a days I try to make my guitar NOT sound like a guitar. Getting neat sounds that are ambient and provide a mood for the song is more important to me now.
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    cdhostagecdhostage Posts: 1,038member
    I also play the piano. Badly.
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    [quote]I try to make my guitar NOT sound like a guitar.<hr></blockquote>


    By the way, I'm a terrible singer. And I might be getting an old Farfisa organ sometime.
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    Trumpet. Music Educator in a public school
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    Oh, and voice (baritone) too.
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    I'm the frontman for a rock band. You can check it out at <a href=""; target="_blank"></a> I also play guitar, but more just to write songs and I of course record on my mac.
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    Trumpet. I live for marching drum corps. Too bad I waited so long...I only got in one year and now I'm too old. **Kicks himself**

    But I'm gonna get back in the activity as a visual tech soon. For those of you who know what I'm talking about... you get it... those who don't, it's a LONG story.

    I also sing. Bass 2/Contra

    Mac Guru

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    Mac the Fork wrote:

    [quote]<strong>I might be getting an old Farfisa organ sometime</strong><hr></blockquote>

    W00t! Farfisas rule. I was in a band once with a guy who had a Farfisa and a Cheetos orange Vox Continental. We covered "96 Tears" by ? and the Mysterians. There's nothing like 'em.

    I'm a drummer who found himself going rather abruptly from punk to a sort of Brechtian country. Moving to Iowa does that to a person. My band's nascent web site is here: <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>; , and there are MP3s here: <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>; .

    I have sung before, but not in this band. Everyone else in the band is a much better singer than I am, so I stick to the skins.

    [Edit: Might as well add the tools of the trade: My main kit is a power sized Ludwig Super Classic in a dark walnut finish, paired with either a 6 1/2" Ludwig hammered bronze snare or a 5 1/2" DW 6 + 6 maple snare. I also have a little 6-ply maple jazz kit made by a local drummer, and one of the first PureCussion kits.]

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    Looking at my name you can guess my main instrument.

    I use a DP3/Digi001 setup for my home studio. I am in the middle of recording a CD with my band, Stout Jackson. Will most likely add a TC Powercore when I get to the final mixdown.

    My two instruments are these:

    Yamaha TRB-6P

    The old version-10 years old

    Taylor 714ce

    The Warwick Dolphin Pro IV is next. If only they made it in a 6 string. Might have to do a custom.
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    [quote]Originally posted by bassman:

    [QB]Looking at my name you can guess my main instrument.

    I use a DP3/Digi001 setup for my home studio. I am in the middle of recording a CD with my band, Stout Jackson. Will most likely add a TC Powercore when I get to the final mixdown.


    Hey Bassman, just out of curiosity is that a Digital Performer 3 set up with ProTools h/ware?

    Have you tried out the 828 (Firewire box) by MOTU, and how does DP3 run on system X?

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    The DIGI001 is Protools, not TDM though. Ive never tryed the 828. It came out about 4 monthe after I bought me 001. I sort of wish I would have known about the 828 so I could use it with a laptop and do remote and live recoarding. Its a pain to take my desktop and CRT to do recoarding anywhere else than my home studio.

    DP3 will not run on OSX. From what I hear, there will be significant changes for all recoarding software under OSX. The system will handle the plug-ins and hardware allowing multiple applications to use them at once. So therefor it isnt a quick rewrite of the code.
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    I have a friend with a MOTU 828, and it works great for him. I just got a firewire iBook so I'll probably sell my old MOTU 2408 II and get an 828 instead.

    OSX isn't really an option for digital audio yet, though. Even if you can find a program that will run OK, you won't find driver for any kind of hardware interface, yet. And you can expect that Digi will be way behind MOTU and the rest when it comes to X support.
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    Oh, and Bassman, that Yamaha is sweeeet! I have a few bass guitars myself, though I can barely play. I have a black Yamaha fretless 4-string, a red Tobias 5-string and a cool white Steinberger. I'm hopelessly incapable of even pretending to play the fretless, but it just sounds so cool!
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    Fretless basses are SO cool. I first realized this when I heard "Everytime You Go Away" by Paul Young, back in the 80's. He had some guy named Pino something-or-other and it was sweet, tasty playing that totally lifted the song.

    The guy also plays bass on Don Henley's "Sunset Grill".

    You'd know it if you heard it. Nice lines.
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    Pino Palladino
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    The bad news is that OS X won't play with existing audio hardware.

    The good news is that it moots a lot of existing hardware, and makes implementing those high-end features that will still require hardware support simpler, and therefor cheaper.

    According to an unusually thorough MacCentral treatment of the subject, OS X audio solutions - software and hardware - will appear in earnest this spring.

    And we'll still probably record through a conventional board onto ADAT. C'est la vie.
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    This is what I play:

    Nothing fancy...

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    I've played the guitar for about 19 years, have a 70s Strat and a 15 year old Ovation but I really want a Rickenbacker and a 12 string acoustic.
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    Up until two years ago, I had a black Rickenbacker 360/12-string. about jangle!!!

    I hardly ever played it, once moving to California and no longer playing in bands, so I sold it to a buddy back in Nashville. The money from that paid the bulk of my iMac, along with a tax refund.

    But it was SWEET. I bought it used myself, but it was immaculate. AND (this is the cool part), years ago, I drove down to Atlanta to see Roger McGuinn play in this little theater (he had just released a solo album, "Back from Rio", or something like that...had that single with Petty called "King of the Hill").

    Anyway, the Rick went with me in the trunk, and afterwards, I run to the parking lot, grab it out, come back in the side entrance where McGuinn is making his way through a small crowd and he sees me holding this Rickenbacker and stops and smiles. I hold out a white paint pen and say "woulda mind?".

    He signed it: "Paul, keep janglin'... Roger McGuinn".

    It's still on it to this day.

    Man, we used to play REM and Petty stuff and I'd break out that Rick and it just SOARED above the other stuff.

    NOTHING like a good Rickenbacker 12-string!
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