Live coverage from Microsoft's Office for iPad and Cloud event in San Francisco

in iPad edited March 2014
Thursday marks the first major event hosted by new Microsoft Chief Executive Satya Nadella, where the company is also expected to unveil a long awaited version of its Office productivity suite for Apple's iPad. AppleInsider is there live with up-to-the-second coverage.


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    saareksaarek Posts: 1,530member
    Never thought I'd see the day where the Apple Faithful get excited about a MS Conference.

    I expect MS to release it for free subject to an office 365 subscription.

    That way they get to both push the subscription model down people's throats & avoid paying Apple 30%
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    Wow! They are really doing their show using iPad (target may be)

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    john.bjohn.b Posts: 2,742member

    Such and IBM-esque problem:  Provide a full iOS version of Office and risk cannibalizing Microsoft tablet/PC sales, or don't provide an iOS version and risk driving their flagship productivity software toward irrelevance.


    My guess (and it's only a guess) would be that Ballmer wanted to put the tablet PC first and Nadella will instead want to tap into the potential iOS revenue stream.



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    john.bjohn.b Posts: 2,742member

    I think that a lot of people around going to balk at $99/year even if that does cover 5 Macs/PCs and 5 mobile devices.  Especially since every iPad can open any docx/xlsx/pptx document natively at no additional cost, and the availability of many Office-compatible iOS apps at a fraction of this price.  I guess time will tell.

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    icoco3icoco3 Posts: 1,474member


    The clapping at the end was just was like a sewing circle vs a rock concert at Apple presentations.

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    I'd pay $10 - $20 an app one time but won't subscribe. I have too many subscription services as it is and honestly after watching the live stream I realized I nor most of my colleagues think in terms of spreadsheets or word docs anymore. We work with smaller more focused information and utilize light weight presentations or docs made in Google Drive or iWorks. 

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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,388member
    Originally Posted by saarek View Post

    Never thought I'd see the day where the Apple Faithful get excited about a MS Conference.


    We’re excited that it requires a subscription to edit documents.


    Because that means no one is going to purchase it.


    It’s going to make the Kin launch look successful.

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    philboogiephilboogie Posts: 7,675member
    Where the **** is the link to the presentation?

    oops! Got beeped by Huddler!
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    crossladcrosslad Posts: 527member
    Just downloaded it. Might keep it for viewing documents that might not convert well in iWork (although the documents I have tried work just as well in iWork). I definitely won't be subscribing to use it.
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