New marketing campaign?

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I know this was mildly discussed after the Tokyo iTunes/iMac ads last Feb. but again I notice that neither the promo nor the commercial released today feature the words 'Think Different.' iPhoto would be a great piece of software to show off this slogan but, alas, it isn't.

Maybe something new is coming with the new pro line later this year...


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    cooopcooop Posts: 390member
    Did anyone else notice this? Is Apple in line with something new?
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    leonisleonis Posts: 3,427member
    Think Different, run slower.
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    cooopcooop Posts: 390member
    I'm sorry Leonis.

    If it makes you feel better (I guess it won't) I'm in the market for a G5 (already got a G4) and I was disappointed in the lack of an announcement although the new iMacs are awesome.

    I do wonder if a new tagline is coming. Think Different is aging and a company usually refreshes the slogan every few years.
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    yeah, i noticed the same thing. i thought it was strange, neither the ad nor the imac promo video had it. i guess the imac ad, whenever it comes around, will provide more insight. i doubt they'd give up think different, since they are mounting a big copy of the think different mantra in all the stores, but they might just not include it in ads, etc anymore.

    leonis, i know you're all disappointed and whatnot, but posting off-topic crap just because you didn't like the keynote is childish.
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