Investors increasingly banking on profitable new product categories coming from Apple this year



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    Whether they matched or exceeded the bar set by Apple, Apple will still need to go above and beyond with significant innovation if they want to be perceived as the innovative leader they have been.

    They cannot sit on their laurels.
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    constable odoconstable odo Posts: 1,041member

    I don't know why you people think some mythical new products are going to change Apple's fortunes around.  All Apple amounts to now is a company that sells iPhones.  After Apple handed over its iPhone empire to Samsung, Apple's value got sucked out of it and will probably never return.  iWatches and AppleTV aren't worth a damn as far as Apple's revenue stream is concerned.  Tim Cook was just plain stupid for not defending Apple's smartphone business.  The company lost all sorts of respect in the eyes of the tech industry and Wall Street.  Samsung and Google are the top dogs and Apple has been relegated to being a bystander.  I'm willing to bet Google's split stock runs back up to $1000 before Apple's stock gets to $600.  That's how confident investors are in Google while Tim Cook inspires no confidence at all to investors.  Proof is that Apple misses expectations every quarter and the stock drops like a brick.  Who's going to believe in a company that always performs below expectations.


    Even lowly Amazon can build a better streaming box than Apple can which I find somewhat distressing.  Amazon basically an e-tailer and yet can easily toss out better hardware than what Apple has to offer.  Apple is sitting on a cash hoard like no other and yet AppleTV is the only streaming box using a single-core processor despite the company having world-class chip designers.  Apple isn't even trying anymore.  How long has AppleTV been an Apple hobby.  The damn box doesn't do games and doesn't even support PLEX.  It took years for AppleTV to get some of the channels Roku supports.  Tim Cook seems to be biding his time, playing it safe so he'll be able to retire with a billion dollars in his pocket.


    Apple has now become a company where most people think they're going to put out unsuccessful products.  Microsoft stock is at a 14-year high despite sluggish Windows 8 sales and poor Surface RT sales.  Isn't this the post-PC era where Apple is supposed to be leading the charge?  Apple doesn't seem to be leading any charge.  It seems to be stuck somewhere back in the pack.  Apple is still considered a zero growth company which is simply astounding.  What can't a company do with $160 billion in the bank to turn things around?  Again it comes back to Apple's leadership.  It's obvious Apple management doesn't know what to do with all those cash resources at hand.  It's going to take more than innovation to make Apple valuable again.  It's going to take a miracle.

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    constable odoconstable odo Posts: 1,041member

    Originally Posted by water cooler View Post

    So? The bottom line is Apple makes tons of money while everybody copies Apple, lost money and the stocks go up.

    That only further reinforces what a poor investment Apple is for (recent) shareholders.  It's no longer practical to invest in a company that turns profits because it will only bring further grief to shareholders who expect better returns.  Apple isn't doing great but Wall Street considers Apple to be much worse than that.  The market is still reaching nearly all-time highs but Apple stock indicates the company is barely treading water.  When Apple misses expectations this quarter, the stock will be further under water, yet again.  Does Tim Cook care?  I doubt it.  He'll just talk about awesome Apple products in the pipeline ready to go real soon.  End of story.

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    crowleycrowley Posts: 5,831member
     It's going to take more than innovation to make Apple valuable again.  It's going to take a miracle.
    I know you're pretty cuckoo over this, but you realise that it won't take anything to make Apple valuable again right? They're one of (if not the most) valuable companies now.

    If they can continue executing like they currently are then that probably won't change all that much, and the new, innovative product categories will be icing on the cake.

    If you're so certain about Google's rises then I strongly suggest you sell all your AAPL and throw it all into GOOG. It'll save you a lot of heartache.
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