Apple's iTunes Radio pops up in Ecuador, suggests testing in Latin American market

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Apple may be testing a rollout of iTunes Radio services in Latin America as reports on Monday note the feature is up and running in at least one country in the region.

Officially, Apple's iTunes Radio is limited to the U.S. and Australia, but AppleInsider reader Vladi reports the feature is partially active in Ecuador, complete with localization and access to Apple's music servers.

Currently, the Ecuadorian version of iTunes Radio appears to be restricted to iTunes for Mac and is not available on iPhone or Apple TV. This limited access suggests Apple is simply testing out the feature as it stages a conservative international rollout.

Today's report is not the first time that Apple's streaming music service showed up without warning. In January, one month prior to the rollout of iTunes Radio in Australia, multiple users from Canada and the UK reported intermittent access to the service on devices running iOS 7.

Apple first announced its cross-platform streaming radio solution in June of 2013 alongside iOS 7 and officially launched the product in September.

So far, iTunes Radio has seen moderate success in the face of industry heavyweights Pandora, Rdio and newcomer Beats Music. According to a report last month, Apple's service holds an an 8 percent share of the U.S. streaming music market, putting it in third place behind Pandora and iHeart Radio.


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    philboogiephilboogie Posts: 7,675member
    For those outside of the US, Australia & Ecuador you can setup a free iCloud account in either of these countries and try iTunes Radio out.
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    That's good news! I'm from Chile :)
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    see flatsee flat Posts: 145member

    Still waiting in Canada.

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