'Now is the time to invest' in Apple ahead of new product launches, Morgan Stanley says



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    GOOG makes me nervous as a stock pick.  They're making most of their money on desktop ads and clicks. And yet, the desktop PC market has plateaued.  Mobile and other platforms are growing, and yet, Google is not the powerhouse in mobile it is on the desktop.


    I personally think Google is highly overrated as a stock, and Apple is highly undervalued.  I agree some manipulation is keeping Apple down, along with a Universal skepticism about Apple's ability to create new product categories.  There is also investor hatred for Apple, from investors who got burned (and analysts who got burned like Gene Munster shouting that the stock would hit 1,000).


    No matter.  The cream always rises.  Apple is the cream.  2014 is the year of the rise.


    Going up: Apple mobile, Windows mobile, Tizen mobile, Amazon mobile.


    Trending down: Google and Android

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    Originally Posted by macxpress View Post

    Can't see why....I usually see Apple's stock go down after a product announcement.

    Exactly this. No matter what Apple release, there is always a bunch of people who are disappointed, usually because they have read some made up crap spouted by some analyst and thought it was going to be true, no matter how ridiculous the claims.

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    A few weeks ago on CNBC they mentioned that both Google and Amazon missed 3 out of 4 quarters. But you wouldn't know that based on what their stock did. Google stock is up over 40% YTD.....

    You forgot to complete the rest of the sentence: Amazon is down 20% YTD.


    The market's timing may not correspond to yours. Sometimes prices lead earnings, at other times, it lags. There's no way to tell. At this point, it's quite obvious that there's going to be no traction on Apple's stock price until it introduces something new, and the market believes that it's going to be a needle-moving growth opportunity.

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    The usual market conspiracy theories are out in full force again, I see.


    There is simply no evidence for it, guys.

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    Originally Posted by TeaEarleGreyHot View Post



    Too true!  Regardless of the actual stock performance, I'll say that it is at least refreshing to know of ONE analyst from a major firm who thinks Apple has a promising future!

    That's just to lure in suckers.  Almost everyone from the big city knows Apple stock always plummets on earnings and this quarter will be no different.  Most other tech stocks rise into the end of their financial quarters while investors have at least some hope of good things to come.  With Apple, the sell-off should start early and continue well into earnings call.  Apple stock has no support whatsoever and buying Apple stock is simply foolish if you're expecting share price gains.  It's well-known that Apple's share price isn't really tied to anything the company does.  You'd never know whether Apple is doing well or not as a company.


    There is no good time to buy Apple stock.  A pullback means nothing and can likely be a prelude to an even bigger pullback.  Remember, Apple's stalwart iPhone empire is constantly losing market share and this alone should make investors run for the hills.  Every smartphone vendor in the world has had a large-display smartphone for years, but only Apple wants to charge more for its own late-comer.  How perverse is that?  You think that strategy is going to increase market share?  No way, José.  Apple's share price is going nowhere but down.  Tim Cook will make sure of that.

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    Take advantage of this. Every time Apple drops down into the area, buy buy buy. The chance of losing money here is very very minimal. Apple will sell 75million iPhones this Holiday qtr. do you actually think the stock will be at $500 then. I hope Apple drops to $400 after earnings. And I say that as a person that holds 550 shares. Cook needs to take his head out of his butt and buy back $100B of their shares and get rid of their silly dividend. Apple's cash should not be used on dividends when they trade at a 7 forward multiple, it should be used for buy backs and acquisitions. It worries me that the company thinks they need to increase dividends in order to get people to invest in them. Btw, Goog trades at a 35PE because they monopolize search and are and have been getting into many other future technologies. Investors see Apple as the iPhone,and one slip-up could spell disaster for the company; unrightfully so.

    You need to take your head out of your own arsehole.

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    Don't fall for it! We have seen this show too many times. It doesn't matter if Apple beats on the top and bottom this quarter. They did that last quarter and was killed. In this article there is no mention of guidance. The analysts are expecting 9% revenue growth. When was the last time Apple guided that high? They guided 0% growth for this quarter.
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    Best yearly time is always around late May, so yes, but since there all time high in 2012 probably not.
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    pmz wrote: »
    Doubtful. After Apple's rise, Wall Street has seen fit to artificially manipulate the price down. The current stock price reflects absolutely nothing. It is all fake. All a scam. It is not based on anything real, except a bunch of thieves tweaking numbers in between bets.

    Gambling with your friends is illegal, but the stock market is legal. The world makes no sense.

    I don't think there's ever been a person in this nation's history arrested for gambling with his friends. Ever.

    I agree about the market, though. You can buy a million dollar's worth of options right before a company's earnings, and they can be worth zero or $100 million the next day. If that isn't gambling, what is?
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    sog35 wrote: »
    Google does not have a monopoly on advertising.

    Facebook is making inroads.  And yahoo is talking with Apple to make Yahoo search the default search instead of Google.  That alone would crush revenue by 30%.  Every year PC search is going down and mobile search is going up.  That lowers Google's gross profit. 

    True. It might change down the road. My comment was based on Google
    sog35 wrote: »
    Google does not have a monopoly on advertising.

    Facebook is making inroads.  And yahoo is talking with Apple to make Yahoo search the default search instead of Google.  That alone would crush revenue by 30%.  Every year PC search is going down and mobile search is going up.  That lowers Google's gross profit. 

    Good points. I was using the word "monopoly" very loosely. Guess their market share is a lot lower than I thought.

    I thought I read somewhere that Google owns 90% of US search. After googling it, it looks like it has fallen to around 70%, depending on where you get the numbers from. Probably less than 50% worldwide now.

    I don't see any drawbacks with partnering with Yahoo on search. Why should Apple continue to strengthen the company behind Android?!
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    Eric, you raised many valid points.

    Google worldwide search market share is probably around 70pc, both for desktop and mobile, and slightly and steadily RISING.

    Google US desktop search market share roughly 70pc, up 1-2pc per year in the last couple of years, as Bing, Yahoo, ask.com users slowly gravitate to Google.


    These market share numbers is the share of searches. Share of ad revenue for Google must be substantially higher.

    In Europe Google has essentially no competition and market share 90pc+ in most countries, while in certain countries like China, Russia they have strong local competitors and have just 20-30pc.

    So overall i guess they have around 70pc in desktop. Since they currently get almost all search requests both from iOS and Android devices, their search share is very high there also.

    --> Bottom line: Google has a stable and rising recurring revenue with their ad business (revenue up 20pc y/y this quarter, pre-tax income still up 15pc; the small improvement in net income is due to an increasing tax rate). The online ad business will continue to take share from offline, and Google will benefit in many ways (search, Youtube, Android etc). Their current valuation is not cheap but deserved.

    Apple's high margin iphone business however is seen at risk of disruption by ever cheaper Android phones. The latest xiaomi smartphone will cost around USD 130, has great specs and decent looks, and according to a Bloomberg article is eagerly awaited even in Singapore ("iphone cool at half the price").

    A while ago AI ran this story that FB's failure to make decent Android apps is due to the fact that most of engineers there personally use iphone.

    Within Apple, I think the engineers and managers who call the shots might make a similar mistake. They got so rich from Apple stock options that they now fail to understand that a price difference of 600 dollars (800 dollars for iphone vs 200 for android) matters to most people.
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    I wouldn't trust any analysis from any analyst, be it positive or negative.
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    All of you know nothing about how a stock chart really moves. Live in ignorance and keep believing its manipulated that way you will remain poor
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    paul94544 wrote: »
    All of you know nothing about how a stock chart really moves. Live in ignorance and keep believing its manipulated that way you will remain poor

    Actually, there are a number of very wealthy Apple stockholders here and in fairness, every stockholder of every other company believes their stock is undervalued. ;)
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    Originally Posted by Paul94544 View Post

    All of you know nothing about how a stock chart really moves.


    So the line in this picture:


    I guess I don’t know that it exists? Despite being able to see it with my eyes, comprehend it with my mind, and point to any one segment and say what it is why it was?

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