Leaked renders purportedly show 3D sensing phone Amazon plans to pit against Apple's iPhone



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    flaneurflaneur Posts: 4,526member
    If I were Apple I wouldn't waste time suing a Amazon. They are selling you a phone that makes it easier to sell you Amazon products. This is a company that has no earnings. They won't survive the first downdraft in this market because the don't have the capital reserves. Apple has looked weak over the last 2 years because they lost faith with their main supplier of screens just as large screens became popular. It took every bit of 3 years to get investments in new suppliers to produce enough supply to give them a bigger screen iPhone.

    Samsung has the money and expertise to compete here. Amazon is going to join the long list of wreaked companies that tried to make cell phones.

    You seem to have a specific story in mind about a display supplier. Link or search terms? Thanks.
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