San Francisco MOMA to honor Apple designer Jony Ive with lifetime achievement award



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    benjamin frostbenjamin frost Posts: 7,203member
    apple ][ wrote: »
    grape ceo wrote: »
    Where does this guy get his shirts?

    He can obviously afford to get his shirts from anywhere, but they just look like regular t-shirts from the GAP or someplace like that.

    Or maybe he did like Steve Jobs did, and custom ordered a whole bunch of pricey shirts from some designer.

    I wonder what Steve Jobs' closet was like. You'd open it, and see 100 black turtlenecks hanging there, all identical.

    Uh uh. One black turtleneck and ninety nine copies by Samsung.
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    benjamin frostbenjamin frost Posts: 7,203member
    rosujin wrote: »
    Does anyone else think it's hilarious that this article comes right after the article about Samsung getting rid of their mobile design chief?

    One has to balance the other; otherwise, you'd have a vacuum.
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