Microsoft unveils $799 Surface Pro 3, calls it 'the tablet that can replace your laptop'



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    Now Siri does Apple's backend servers which you might claim is cheating for some inexplicable reason so we can use another example for weather or stocks.


    Not really a Surface Pro vs iPad discussion, however Cortana in WP 8.1 does this as well. (Backends her notebook to Bing and Windows 8.1).


    As stated in earlier post of mine, All kinds of tech live in my house (iPad2, iPad mini, Surface RT, Lumia 1020, Droid X, and the list goes on..) and certain things are right for the job. My iPad mini stays by my couch, and it's usually what I am holding in the evening while watching TV. The Surface goes to work and school with me. the Lumia is always in my pocket and the Droid X is what I use as a ginua pig to try neat geeky stuff with. Not trying to be a peacemaker, I love heated discussions, because passionate people bring out the strongest facts. But in the end, choices are a good thing. As much as there are cons on this particular forum (this is AI) for all things Microsoft, it does make you wish for things you had (if Apple can put a SIM slot on an iPad, how much harder would it be to slip a micro SD?  I'll pay ya the extra $30 to integrate it rather than add on an ugly adapter).

    So keep the fires going, iFans and haters.. I'm eating popcorn, enjoying the show!

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    unknwntrrunknwntrr Posts: 69member

    The surface was designed with someone else in mind as its user than most amateur or professional users. The Surface is a great device if you just want one ultra mobile device to do everything with. No Notebook, no Tablet, just one thing you can use at anytime anywhere. Its great if you use your PC to do eMails, browse the web and occasionally do some office work on it. If you want to do more, like lets say produce content in film, photography, sound or text you won't use a surface anyway. You'll use a Mac, and maybe buy an iPad for doing some little things on the go like checking eMails, browsing the web and watching a Youtube movie.


    The only thing totally untouched by this notebook vs. surface discussion is your phone. It'll still be there and since it will always be there and always have internet it will always be the one and only device you pick up first when you want to read an eMail on the go or look at Wikipedia etc. I noticed I even use the iPhone to look at Twitter while I hold my iPad in the other hand… could be the useless iPad app though.

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    If the pen really solves the age-old parallax issue, I'll be infinitely impressed.

    In fact they did.  Let's all be impressed together!

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    All they need is a decent OS. They need to focus on this as running 2 separate operating systems on 1 device is totally counter intuitive.


    There's only one OS on the device - Windows 8 (that's the full OS, not RT).  It's just a very powerful and versatile OS that allows the user to run in what seems like 2 separate operating systems.  It's a marriage of touch and traditional usage which will only get better as Microsoft continue development.  Looking forward to Windows 9.

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    but it still uses windows... enough said


    I never feel restricted with what I can run on Windows as the number of available programs are immense.  Unlike on the Mac where quite often I need to boot into Windows to accomplish something.  But it's a compromise I put up with to use a beautiful and well-built machine such as the MB.

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