iWork for iCloud gains collaboration with up to 100 people, support for docs up to 1GB



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    Originally Posted by Ireland View Post

    15 free GB iCloud storage at WWDC announcement to follow. My guess.


    That would be nice.

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    joninsdjoninsd Posts: 74member

    Originally Posted by Landnsea View Post

    I still won't use Pages for collaboration without the ability to share comments and other annotations, which is something Apple removed in the new version introduced last year. Collaboration is fine, but I need to be able to tell collaborators what I think without that affecting the document itself.

    That's important to me too, though before in Google Docs I would just write in parenthesis above or below where the issue is and highlight it in red. I agree that they should bring that feature back, more helpful than they realize.

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    512ke512ke Posts: 782member

    This is a great announcement.


    I wish upon a star that Apple's cloud will replicate Dropbox's ability to let you drag items into a folder and store or share.


    Or could someone please tell me if Apple offers this ability already? 


    I love being able to store various types of files in a folder that gets backed up to Dropbox.  Very useful!

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    mstonemstone Posts: 11,510member

    How many iWork users actually do any collaboration? Aren't they mostly just posting on AI all day long.

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    applesauce007applesauce007 Posts: 1,695member

    This is an awesome update.  Chart editing finally.  Although I couldn't detach a pie chart slice.


    This is the most awesome piece of Web Office Suite software I have ever seen.


    Thank You Apple !

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    mstone wrote: »
    How many iWork users actually do any collaboration? Aren't they mostly just posting on AI all day long.

    Many of us collaborate before posting on AI. That's why there's so little squabbling in the threads...
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    bdkennedy1bdkennedy1 Posts: 1,459member

    "WIN!" -- NSA

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    Originally Posted by Macky the Macky View Post

    Apple has already demonstrated Windows users working with Apple users on cloud collaborating with iWorks docs. A feat, for sure since the Windows users cannot run iWorks directly. Users log in using whatever browser they have. The underlying OS type or version is of no concern... at least with regard to Windows, OSX or iOS.

    Indeed, the whole point of web apps is to be OS-agnostic.

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    mknoppmknopp Posts: 257member
    This is how a service is supposed to be handled. Now, if they would just do the same with all of their services.
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    Originally Posted by SailorPaul View Post

    These apps need to work with more than just iCloud as the common storage reservoir.

    iCloud is not certifiable for medical records, referral documents and other such confidential data. These apps need to support Dropbox and or Box where work teams can get HIPPA- compliant agreements from the cloud vendor.

    One note about Dropbox: it does NOT work with the file format used by the new versions of iWork. With the new versions, Pages/Numbers/Keynote "files" are packages (i.e. directories with files inside). Syncing between Macs works fine but changes are NOT noticed by Dropbox-for-iOS. I have complained several times to Dropbox and they acknowledged the problem. It seems they're not going to fix it. 

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    Originally Posted by JonInSD View Post

    Wasn't aware that you could get an ID without an Apple product. Though I've always had Apple products so I wasn't in a position to try to get one without it. Good to know, be great to be able to use iWork for collaboration.

    You're not alone in thinking that you needed an Apple product to get an AppleID. Many folks share the same belief and perhaps at one time it was true, but not now.


    However, unless I'm mistaken, you DO need an Apple product to get an AppleID with an iCloud email address. To clarify: anyone can get an AppleID with, say, a gmail address. But to get an AppleID with an iCloud address, you need to do it from an Apple device.


    Not only that - there is a lifetime limit of three iCloud-linked AppleIDs per device. If you try to create a fourth iCloud AppleID you will be denied. 

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