Tight-lipped Apple could keep quiet on Beats deal thanks to SEC rules



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    Lets forget this deal altogether....bad idea. These guys are not to be trusted and do not fit into Apple's culture at all. Dont ever trust rappers.....this Youtube video of dr Dre is providing all evidence you need.
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    thrangthrang Posts: 1,002member
    Ok, here's some absurd idle speculation - but if Apple is interested in Beats, I wonder if some of the interest is in Iovine's and Dre's perceived marketing savvy.

    Essentially, they've built a premium brand that apparently owns the high-end market, growing year after year, largely on a hardware line that is deemed to be average or slightly above average - certainly not a quality commensurate with the prices charged.

    If Schiller's email revealed in the Samsung trial is any legitimate indication of feelings within Apple, there seems to be some long term frustration that their marketing messaging wasn't precise enough. The was a big piece of what Jobs brought, and I wonder if they somehow feel that the success of the Beats founders to create a very positive aura around average products would only be multiplied applied to Apple's much higher quality product line.

    This would be a long term play - you couldn't just trot Iovine out on stage in three months...but if he became legitimately integrated into Apple, an adopted child into a visionary family, who knows....

    Not that I endorses this line of thinking, just idle speculation over Sunday coffee...
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    thrangthrang Posts: 1,002member
    Duplicate post - delete
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    Relative to Apple's earning and cash assets this is a minuscule purchase. Personally, would anyone expect to be scrutinized for spending less than a week's pay on some random purchase?
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