Netflix HTML5 streaming now available in Safari on OS X Yosemite



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    rob53 wrote: »
    I actually have some information on testing Netflix under Yosemite. This doesn't violate the NDA because it has nothing to do with Yosemite but with Netflix. 

    I installed Yosemite this morning and accessed Netflix. It still asked for the Silverlight installation. I used their live chat and after the person checked with tech support I found out they are only allowing Macs with a Sandy Bridge or later CPU to run HTML5. I am hoping this is only for initial testing but we'll see.

    The following Netflix announcement describes the new features but doesn't include system requirements: (hopefully this won't get stripped)

    For those of us who don't know what CPU model they are running, here's a wikipedia site listing them: (Core i5 and i7 later than March 2011)

    Interesting. What exactly is in the browser that allows Netflix to run encrypted without Silverlight, or rather, is there anything in Sandy Bridge and later that facilitates this security layer?
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    agramonte wrote: »
    wow, people still using Safari... you have to give credit to the power of preloaded software.

    On a Mac, Safari is the best available web browser. It's the fastest, most secure, most stable and the one with the least power consumption. Additionally there are benefits such as iCloud Keychain, iCloud Tabs, Reader, and double tap to zoom.

    Chrome is a privacy nightmare and Firefox is a bloated crash-prone mess after opening a few tabs for a while.
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    Marvin wrote: »
    Finally, 7 years after the original iPhone. These things should have been implemented years ago so nobody would have any excuses to use Flash or Silverlight for DRM video.

    Yeah but then we would have missed out on all those great animated ads.
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    solipsismx wrote: »
    1) I think that argument is as bad as people saying that you shouldn't buy from Apple because they make a profit off your purchase, instead you should buy from a company that can't figure out how to profit from you. I have no problem with a company wanting to profit. My interest in a profit is purely about the value to me. If it's the best product for my needs then I'll use it.

    2) Apple's creation of Safari definitely gives them revenue and profit, albeit in a mostly indirect way. Their investment in all things is to make money from us at some point. They also make money on us whenever we use a search engine in the Safari URL.

    A key difference in monetization strategies is that Apple primarily makes money by selling great products to its customers, while Google makes money by capturing and warehousing its users' personal data and then selling it to the highest bidder (their true customers) in the form of targeted advertising.

    There's nothing wrong with making money, but there're plenty wrong with the way in which Google makes its money.
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    Originally Posted by SolipsismX View Post

    Interesting. What exactly is in the browser that allows Netflix to run encrypted without Silverlight, or rather, is there anything in Sandy Bridge and later that facilitates this security layer?

    I see the Sandy Bridge requirement as a CPU/GPU power requirement to stream 1080p videos over HTML5. They probably also haven't tested it on anything older to see if it runs well enough. As for encryption, I believe that is being handled by Yosemite's new CryptoWeb (and other new things mentioned in the keynote).

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    Originally Posted by _Rick_V_ View Post



    Nope, I meant the word disingenuous.


    Had the original poster said something like "but it's already working in IE!", I might've assumed (due to his ignorance) that something else is at play-- that he had Windows 8.1, or perhaps is computer came pre-loaded with Silverlight and he was not aware of it.  But instead, he authoritatively proclaimed that Netflix works in IE 11, implying all platforms.  It was a rather trollish post to begin with, I'm pretty sure he was knowingly withholding facts.

    Actually, I was unaware of that fact.  Since it worked for me, I assumed it was IE11 - I didn't know that it was IE11 on Windows 8.1...   I don't know exactly what point you are trying to make.  I responded to a claim that somehow it was Apple pushing things forward - when, in fact that is not the case. 

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