iOS 8 beta 2 comes with native Podcasts app, brings QuickType keyboard to iPad, more



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    Really, I work in the graphic design/web industry, I have loads of colleagues scattered all over the UK, we were talking about podcasts only recently, and RSS, the general consensus was that it's kinda had its day, just like desktop widgets, everyone I know has terminated them using terminal. But that's me generalising again. Be interesting to see some stats on this.

    Some podcasts are big in the fitness community & comic nerds I'm both haha. 

    Trying to visualise what a comic fitness nerd community looks like. Perhaps someone could help out with an image...
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    I don't have any of the problems you have. Guess you use a jaibroken device.

    I don't have a jailbroken device. Guess you don't actually use the Podcast app.
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    I'm delighted that Podcasts and iBooks are becoming native apps. They'll be coming of age.
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    Tell me about it. The way iOS 7 handles podcasts is so bad, and completely unlike anything in the Apple experience. Nearly every function in it simply doesn't work. Podcasts will not sync with iTunes, episodes you've listened to continuously reappear as unplayed, it will not remember your place, the show description info doesn't display, chapter breaks don't work. album art doesn't show up, and files that are on your phone will not show up in the app. The interface is also far too bright, so it's totally inappropriate for using in the car mounted in a cradle. It keeps making you use cellular data It's a complete disaster. I do not understand how it is that Apple has not fixed this yet. Even more confounding is why Apple makes you use that terrible app anyway instead of just playing podcasts through the Music app, where everything worked flawlessly. If they'd at least let me go back to using the Music app for podcasts again, I wouldn't even care what they did (or didn't do) with the Podcasts app.
    It's not without issues, but the most recent update put a lot of fixes in to the management of subscriptions, auto-downloads and auto-deletes, which was greatly appreciated by me. It still occasionally does the annoying thing when you pause a podcast then resume only to hear instead though.

    I definitely think it's been built with iCloud syncing in mind. Whenever I cable connect to iTunes everything goes a bit screwy.
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    Originally Posted by SpamSandwich View Post

    I've subscriptions for several of the Nerdist podcasts. Chris Hardwicke has been getting great guests recently. Big names.


    Same here, they have had some amazing guests, i don't think they are funny at all tho, more interesting.

    I like Fatman on Batman - Kevin Smith's batman podcast & The Joe Rogan Experience.




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    Trying to visualise what a comic fitness nerd community looks like. Perhaps someone could help out with an image...


    Haha, i'm not the best example but here's my lame Facebook pic haha.


    Hey i used to be really fat, so i'm pretty proud.

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    It wouldn't be too much of a problem if the Podcast app wasn't such an unmitigated pile of ....

    Podcasts worked just fine when they were integrated into the Music app, ever since then it's been atrocious.

    Now it's a native app, does this mean that when you press play after it's gone into sleep mode that it'll re-start the podcast where it left off or will it still randomly decide to occasionally play a random music track ?

    I would have agreed with you before the last couple of updates... This app is rockin' now... I love it.

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    I don't have any of the problems you have. Guess you use a jaibroken device.

    I have all those problems with my iPhone 5 and no, it's not jailbroken. I very much dislike the Podcasts app, which really galls me since I produce 3 podcasts.

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