Apple, Samsung 'trying to find common ground' in patent war - report



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    These days, Amazon is the one who is trying to 'bury the hatchet.' Apple is reviving it.
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    Some software patents probably took a big hit today, with SCOTUS ruling 9-0 that simply performing an otherwise known procedure but adding "on a computer" was not patentable.

    PatentlyO has put up an article

    EDIT: Looks like at least one patent lawyer who also runs a high-profile blog, Gene Quinn, is mighty irritated at today's ruling.
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    Originally Posted by zerobim08 View Post

    But Apple is the jerk here wasting everyone's money by initiating frivolous lawsuits using stolen/prior ideas like rectangular shape, slide-to-unlock which is copied from Neonode, universal search etc.


    /s. Now shush.


    Originally Posted by zerobim08 View Post

    Are you saying Apple exploited the technicalities of the patent system to patent seemingly prior arts/ideas and used them to sue the competitors?

    You are, at least.






    …Apple exploited the… …nationalistic sentiment…



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    Originally Posted by dasanman69 View Post

    Android has also been a crux of the legal problems. The last trial consisted solely of features built into Android. In hindsight it's been beneficial, but they had no way of knowing that in the beginning.

    The internal Samsung documents comparing Apple's solution to their own solution were not built into Android but were added by Samsung.

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